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Brighouse Residential '2018


Mohammed - " I loved having a go at lighting my own small bowl fire.  At first it was really hard, but I was determined to keep practicing and in the end I managed to light the cotton wool with the steel flint".


Kyra - " I was so happy that I managed to shape a piece of wood in to a peg, using a sheath knife and I understand how to use a knife safely".

Winter Wonderland 2017


Rebecca - I loved being sprayed with snow, decorating Christmas trees and eating a warm, gooey marshmallow that I cooked over the fire" (Year 4) 

Bonfire Night 2017


Muhammed - " I love forest school because I held a sparkler and wrote my name with it in the air" (Year 1)

Goldilocks and the three Bears 2017


Talha - "I loved cooking porridge for the three bears in forest school on the fire in the big black pot.  It tasted so yummy." (Reception)


Going on an Insect Hunt


By Ruquia (Year 2)

This summer I have found lots of creatures in our forest school.  I found tiny green caterpillars and ladybirds in the willow tree.  I have seen a few buzzy black and yellow bees pollinating on some of our flowers.  I also saw my first orange and black butterfly floating around the area.  I love butterflies they are my favourite insect and I could watch them fly in the sky all day.