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DODGEBALL 2018-2019


Year 5 & 6 have loved participating in half a term of dodgeball fun.  This activity engaged our less active children and I ca happily say that they all had great fun, striking balls, dodging balls and acting out kings/queens and villains in order to outwit their opponents.


We can't wait to do it all again in the Autumn '2019





Year 5 have loved participating in their inter- school competition this year...


Well done to 5T for winning the league!!! 





Please See Mrs Bull or Miss Edwards for a letter to join in the fun!!!


Places are limited!!!

Fantastic News '2018


The SGOC have asked that on behalf of the children in Leigh school that they would like a dodgeball after school club, so watch out for the letters coming out in January 2018.



 'NEW' Key stage 2 Dodgeball After School Club 2015


What is it?

Dodgeball is a fun, fast paced, high intensity game played right across the world by people of all ages.


How do we play dodgeball?

Dodgeball is a non-contact game played by 2 teams. The object of the game is to eliminate your opponents before they eliminate you!!! 


What is the Coaches Player Award?

At the end of every half term, our children play in an intra- after school club competition.  There can only be one winner who will then be awarded 'coaches player'.


When is it on?

Tuesdays 3.10 - 4.30pm

If you are interested in joining our club, please see the PE Team.


Good Luck to all players!!!