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Gymnastics '2018 - 2019


Club has now started and will run until Spring '2019.  Children are now practising their floor and vault routines ready for the Your School Game Competition in January '2019.  Good luck to all our budding gymnasts - keep believing in yourselves, you are all amazing!!!

Gymnastics club 2017-2018


Gymnastics club has now started running again, children are getting ready to participate in the Level 2 School Games in January '2017.  How exciting...if any children would like to join this club, please see Miss Edwards/Mrs Bull.


What is it?

Gymnastics club helps children develop agility, balance and coordination.  Children will gain strength, flexibility and power participating in a variety of sequences as part of a group, in pairs or on their own.


When is it?

This club is currently having a break and we will let you know when it restarts.


Aesthetically pleasing to the eye...


Our year 3 & 4's performed with such grace at the Level 3 School Games Winter Festival '2017.  With more practice and hard work, we hope that they will bring home a trophy next year.

Competition Results Your School Games Level 2 '2017

Exciting News!!!

Our team of gymnasts recently showcased their skills by performing group, partner and solo routines within the Calthorpe Level 1/2 school games competition. The result ended in a tie and the top scorer from each school team had to perform once again in front of a panel of judges.  Wait for it... 'WE WON' and are now through to the Level 3 Birmingham School games in the summer term. 


Congratulations team, keep practicing and thankyou to Miss Edwards for all your hard work.


Bring on the Summer! Watch this space...