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Other Physical Activities On Offer

Break and Lunch time Activities 2018 - 2019


We aim to ensure that everyone at Leigh school is active for thirty minutes extra in the school day.  Therefore we offer a variety of activities at play and lunch time.  For example:


Autumn 1 & 2 

Zone 1

Mastering skipping and hoola hooping, cycling


Zone 2

'Try Something New' - Quoit Hockey

                                     Quoit Tennis


Zone 3





Zone 4

Play Leaders - Skill challenge 

Playground games and skill challenges of the month


Zone 5 

Trim Trail 



Fun at playtimes...

Fitness Fun - Wake up Shake up 2017 -2018


This is a fun whole body exercise routine to music that children can follow 


When is it?

Mondays and Wednesdays mornings 8.20am - 8.30am.  Children must arrive in to school by 8.15am


Who can Join?

Whole School





Running Club 2017 - 2018


This club promotes running as a way of keeping fit at the start of the school day.  This club can also help children achieve their WOW badges.


When is it?

This club runs every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 8.20 am until 8.40am.  Children will need to be in school by 8.15am via the school office entrance.


Who can join?

This club is open to the whole school


What do we do?

Children run around a figure of eight course that is set up in the playground and children will learn to follow the stop and go signals at the crossing. 


We look forward to seeing as many children join as possible!!!