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History is taught as a discreet subject and is aligned with our Curriculum Values.


To pilot our new history curriculum, in the Autumn term of 2022-23 all Year 1-6 classes learnt about the history of Leigh Primary School. The video we made it at the bottom of this page. Our project delved into Leigh Primary School’s past. We discovered how our building and our community has changed over time.


Our curriculum has been developed even further during the Autumn term and we now have a fully mapped History curriculum which you can see in the links below.


We have chosen 8 core concepts to explore in history lessons and these will be revisited in different topics throughout the school so that children develop an excellent understanding of them by the time they leave Leigh at the end of Year 6.


To find out more about the curriculum, please see our documents below.

Leighstorians: our Bull Ring project

The Leighstorians are proud to share the culmination of the young researchers project as part of a city-wide civic history project linked to the Commonwealth...

Leigh Primary: our school's history

This video is about what we learnt in History during Autumn 1 2020