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PSHE stands for personal, social and health education. It is an important part of your child's national curriculum learning and covers a broad range of social and cultural subjects and issues.


PSHE and Citizenship Education enables pupils to become healthy, independent and responsible members of our society.  Through our teaching of PSHE and Citizenship, we ensure that pupils experience a wide range of enjoyable activities that will help to prepare them for adult life by:   


1. Developing confidence and responsibility and making the most of their abilities

2. Preparing them to play an active role as citizens

3. Developing a healthy, safe lifestyle

4. Developing good relationship and respecting the differences between people


Sex and Relationships Education and the Equality Act

Following discussions with parents in 2018-19, a working party was set up across Leigh Trust including parent and staff representatives from all Leigh Trust schools. A scheme of work was being developed by the working party during the 2019-20 academic year currently being developed. Due to COVID 19, our PSHE scheme has not been fully finalised. However, we will be teaching Core Them 1: Well-being in the Autumn term. This theme will play a vital role in helping our children to process their experiences of COVID 19 and returning to school after such a long time. We aim to finalise the rest of the scheme in the Autumn term, ready to launch in the Spring term.