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The PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) curriculum is an integral part of our whole school curriculum and covers aspects of Relationship Education, Health Education, the Equality Act and Puberty. Our programme of study has been designed to consider a range of themes and issues that young people may encounter throughout their lives and encourages them to use developing social skills and knowledge to identify risks and make safe decisions. We believe that the promotion of pupils’ personal and social development fundamentally underpins all other learning.


Our aim is to enrich and empower our pupils to have an understanding of safeguarding and to provide them with a safe platform to seek knowledge, ask questions and raise their concerns. Through our PSHE curriculum and our school ethos, we promote pupils’ self-esteem and emotional well-being, British values and provide the skills that pupils will need to leave primary school as healthy, secure, tolerant, ethical citizens who are aware of their rights and responsibilities, not just towards themselves but also towards others.  


We aim to develop pupils understanding so that they:

  • develop confidence to make the most of their abilities, through recognising their own worth
  • develop their confidence and self-esteem which enables them to put forward their own views but also understand the views of others
  • work well with others through a process of collaboration
  • prepare to play an active role as citizens in a diverse society
  • develop a healthy and safe lifestyle with the ability to take appropriate risk assessments
  • have the confidence to question when something is wrong
  • develop good relationships and respect the differences between members of the school and the wider community
  • make a positive contribution to the life of the school


Meeting the needs of pupils, parents, and the community we serve:


This Curriculum has been created through a rigorous consultation process involving:

  • Members of the Trust
  • All Leigh Trust schools
  • Staff representatives from across all Leigh Trust Schools
  • A Parents Working Group with representatives from each of the Leigh Trust Schools
  • Sharing of curriculum content and resources with parents
  •  Review of parent views on the content of the curriculum




PWG- Parent representatives for Leigh Primary


"I am extremely grateful to Leigh Trust for listening to our concerns and letting us actively play a part in developing the new scheme of work. A lot of hard work has been put in and at times there have been differences in views where we have had to strike a balance. I feel that this was the best we could do and I fully support the scheme of work. Thank you to all that have been involved and a special thanks to Miss Azam for her painstaking task of bringing it all together."

Semina Aslam


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Leigh Trust for allowing the PWG to be actively involved in the building of this programme. All our concerns have been listened to and taken on board. I’m now pleased with the programme that has been produced to educate my children and the wider community. A Special thank you to Miss Azam for the many hours of hard work she has put in."

Aisha Zameer 


"Words are not enough to express my appreciation to Leigh Trust who have taken the voice of the parents and have sat with us for endless hours to try and accommodate a scheme of work that is appropriate for the children’s learning and development but also staying in the guidelines that are set by the DfE. Being a parent of Leigh school I feel very proud that we have such a great set of teachers and governing board that really valued the insight of the parents. It was an honour to work alongside Miss Azam, staff and fellow parents who really were dedicated to getting this right for us all."

Salma Khalil 


"As a parent Governor at Leigh school, I would like to thank Leigh Trust for listening to parents concerns and letting parents from each of the schools part of the Trust, play a part in developing the new scheme of work. Many hours have been spent in developing the new scheme and I fully support the scheme of work. The old scheme has been scrapped and the new one has been made suitable as possible by viewing all parents’ views."

Zaheer Akbar