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RE at Leigh Primary School


At Leigh Primary School we follow the Birmingham Agreed Religious Education Syllabus (2007), for mainly Muslim pupils. The key focus in RE is on “learning from religion”. The schemes of work taught reflect a spiral curriculum of 24 dispositions and a progression of faith knowledge.


Pupil's code of conduct


We want everyone in our school to feel welcomed, happy and willing to try their best.


We want everyone to work together, to find out and to think for themselves.


At school we will achieve this by:-


  • Learning to be literate, numerate, scientific and to develop our computer skills.


  • Learning about the world we live in and how it used to be.


  • Exercising and learning to look after our bodies.


  • Learning to appreciate art and music and tell others how it makes us feel.


  • Looking after each other and make the most of what we all have to offer.


  • Learning about other people’s beliefs and respect the way they live.


  • Respecting everyone’s needs so that we all have an equal chance to be successful.


  • Working together, (children, parents and teachers) to do the best that we can.