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School Uniform

Red jumper
Red cardigan
White shirt or blouse
White polo
Grey trousers
Grey shorts
Grey skirt
Grey pinafore dress
Red gingham summer dress
Red tights or socks
Grey tights or socks
Black tights or socks
White ankle socks
Black shoes
Black shoes
Black shoes


Plain black or white pull-on hijab (no pins)

PE kit (wear to school on the class' PE days)

Plain white T shirt
Plain black shorts
Plain black joggers
Plain black sweatshirt/hoodie/fleece
Plain red joggers
Plain red hoodie
Plain red sweatshirt or fleece
Black pumps
Black trainers
White trainers
White ankle or trainer socks

The school uniform consists of the following:



Red jumper or cardigan
White shirt, blouse or polo shirt
Grey trousers, skirt or pinafore dress
Black shoes (strictly no trainers)

Grey, black, red or white socks or tights

Optional summer choices: red gingham dress/grey shorts


Girls who choose to wear a headscarf must wear a plain black or white pull on hijab (no pins)


PE kit

White plain round neck t-shirt or polo shirt

Plain red or black shorts/tracksuit bottoms (no branding)

Plain red or black sweatshirt/hooded top/fleece (no branding other than school logo)

Pumps for indoor PE

Trainers for outdoor PE

Lightweight plain black rain jacket for outdoor use 

Hair bobble to tie up long hair


NEW FOR SEPTEMBER 2020: children will come to school in their PE kit on their PE day(s). 


Each item of uniform must have your child's name inside it. This helps us know who it belongs to if it gets lost or misplaced.


If you would like to purchase any uniform with the school logo on it, please visit the 'My Clothing' site by clicking on the website link below where all uniform can be purchased online.

Stock in school

We sell these items at school:

Ties               £3.00                             
Book Bag       £5.00                         

PE Bag           £4.00

Swimming Kit


Black plain swimming trunks/shorts (must be above the knees) - boys

Dark colour/Black plain swimming costume/tight fitted shiny lycra leggings (optional) - girls

Burkini - full Asian swimwear

Swimming cap (optional) - girls

Bath towel


*Please bring your swimming kit in a plastic carrier bag the day before your swimming lesson