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As one of the core subjects, Science remains a key contributor to a child’s ability to understand the world in which they live, providing them with wonder and enjoyment when discovering new things. A high-quality Science education develops a child’s ability to question, explore, discover and investigate the world through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics.


Our aim is to develop children’s curiosity so they become passionate scientists, confident and competent enough to develop, test and challenge different hypotheses and scientific theories. Our goal is for all children to have a deep and broad understanding of each scientific strand and to be able to share and explain their ideas with confidence and accuracy, using their existing scientific understanding to support their views.


Aligned with our Curriculum Values, we have chosen 9 core concepts to explore Science. These will be revisited in different topics throughout the school so that the children can develop a clear understanding of them by the time they leave Leigh at the end of Year 6. To find out about the skills expectations for each year group, please look at the links below.