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We are 1S!

Wimbledon Day

To mark the start of Wimbledon we came to school either wearing white or in our sports clothes. We had a session in the playground using racquets, balls and nets. It was hard to hit the ball over the net, but we got there in the end!

Our trip to Kingsbury Water Park

We had a wonderful day in the sunshine. We learnt about green plants and all of the useful things that we get from them, such as cocoa, rubber and tea. We explored the park, looking for flowers, roots, seeds and stems with our rangers Tracey and Tim. We then had a picnic under a tree which we all loved! After lunch we went for a walk around one of the lakes and ended up having a fabulous time in the playground. Sadly it was soon time to go home... we sang all the way back to Leigh!

Practical Maths

We love being busy in Maths! These are pictures of when we were looking at subtraction and difference.

Comic Relief 2015

We came to school in topsy-turvy clothes and had our noses painted red. Look at all of our silly selfies!

World Book Day 2015

We met the author Cat Weatherill and took part in a whole phase drama session. We wrote book reviews and made book covers as well as sharing our favourite books from home. 

Life Education Caravan

We were really excited to go to the Life Education Caravan. Most of us remember going last year and we couldn't wait to see Harold the Giraffe again! We learned about what foods keep us healthy and which were not so good for us. We labelled parts of Tammy's body which lit up when we got it right. Finally we talked about how important it is to be friendly, trustworthy and kind. 


We had lots of fun on Christmas Party Day. We made hats, ate a delicious turkey dinner and had a great party! We played lots of games and we all won a prize. There are some great dancers in 1S!

Children In Need

We dressed up as Superheroes, tested our strength against Superman and did lots of fun activities. 1S raised about £45 which was brilliant!

Mrs Jones and her Insects!

We were lucky enough for Mrs Jones to show us her Stick Insect pets. We thought they were amazing! She even manged to take some out of their tank so we could have a close look.

Friendship Day

We made friendship bracelets by writing a message to our friend on a strip of card. We then decorated the strip and attached to our friend's wrist.

Our Trip to Green Lane Mosque

We visited Green Lane Mosque as part of our RE topic. We met Suffyan who told us all about what happens at the mosque. He said that there can often be 6000 people praying during Friday prayers. Did you know Green Lane Mosque used to be a swimming pool? We thought that was a very interesting fact!


We had a brilliant time when it was Eid. We had a lovely school lunch and then had a party. We played lots of games, danced and sang and won lots of prizes!