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Extended Leave

A very important message for all parents:


Since 1st September 2013, Head Teachers may no longer authorise leave during term time except where the circumstances are exceptional. This is also in accordance with Birmingham Local Authority’s ‘Leave in Term Time Guidance’. If your child takes leave that has not been authorised by the Head Teacher, it will result in the absence being recorded as unauthorised. Please understand that this may lead to the issuing of a penalty notice and legal action being taken or your child losing their school place.


If you are issued with a penalty notice, each parent will be fined a minimum of £60 or £120 depending on how soon payment is mad, per child. If that fine is not paid, you may be required to attend Court and this could result in a fine for each parent of up to £1000 per child and a Criminal Record.



2019/2020 - 7 Families from Leigh Primary School have received a penalty notice

                   - 1 Family has had to attend court

2018/2019 - 3 Families from Leigh Primary school received a penalty notice 


2017/2018 - 13 families from Leigh Primary School received a Penalty Notice 

                      9 children were removed from role for not returning from Extended Leave.

2016/2017 - 1 family lost their place for 4 children at Leigh Primary.

                      1 family received a Penalty Notice on their return from extended leave.

2014/2015 - 1 family lost their place at Leigh Primary.

                      1 family received a Criminal Record and was ordered to pay court costs.

                      1 family were fined.

2013/2014 - 2 families from Leigh Primary School were fined.

                      1 family received a Criminal Record and were ordered to pay court costs.


Please click on the link below which will direct you to our School Policies, you may then be able to view our Attendance Policy for Parents.

Extended Leave Request Form