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We have lots of fun activities this week for you to do at home with your child. Have a go at the exciting activities below, please take photos of your child’s work and either Tweet them to the school’s Twitter page or email them to school.


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Our focus today is name writing.  Can you practice writing your name?  What will you use to write your name?

  • shaving foam 
  • play dough
  • coloured pencils
 Remember to practice your pencil grip!,-factsheets-and-downloads/mark-making-tips-for-parents/

Today, our focus is practicing counting to 10?

What numbers can you recognise?

How many sea creatures did you count? 

How many cakes does Teddy need?

Can you sing along with the counting song?

Today, is all about shapes!

Can you make a shape monster?

What shapes can you name?

What shapes will you use to build your shape monster?

Can you name shapes you see in your house?

Today, can you read your favourite story in a special place? Where will you read it?

  • Under the table
  • In bed
  • In a den
Can you draw a story map and can you retell your story using your story map?

Today, let’s get creative with our empty box challenge!

What can you make out of a cereal or empty box?

Can you junk model and make a house?

What materials will you use?  

What features will you add?