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Fun things to try

Why not try these activities at home or in the local area?


Spring/Summer Ideas


Visit your local park with your friends and family


Cook a pancake on the fire with adult supervision


Identify woodland trees


Plant some seeds


Build a den


Whittle a wand with an adult



Autumn/Winter Ideas


Pond dipping with an adult


Make a flower out of fallen leaves or even a bouquet


Make a leaf mask/leaf garland or leaf kebab


Catch the leaves as they fall from the trees


Play a game of conkers with your friends and family


Celebrate apple day





Autumn '2018




Strike a wild pose

Test your balance and strike a wild yoga pose 

Make a Daisy chain

Pick daisies and thread their stems together.

Pick up litter

Sweep the area for rubbish and pop it in the bin.

Map your local wildlife

Draw a map and mark on to it where you see wildlife.


Try making a magic woodland potion

Equipment needed: plastic drinks bottle, leaves, petals, sticks anything that you van find in your back garden or local park

Method: Add woodland materials to the bottle and mix with water.

What does it smell like?

How does it look?

Can you make different potions?

REMEMBER... DO NOT drink your magic potion.


Learn about birdcalls

Listen to the birds singing in your garden or at your local park.  Look and identify it.