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Our Curriculum Values


1. The importance of subjects

We believe that every child deserves a curriculum that is grounded in the knowledge, concepts and overarching ideas of individual subjects. A knowledge-rich curriculum and improving teachers’ pedagogical skill are likely to have the most impact on children’s achievement. Through the delivery of purposeful, impactful continuous professional development and learning, we will ensure our teachers are able to teach art as well as they teach reading; to teach history as well as they teach maths.


2. The importance of identity

Our curriculum celebrates and values the city in which we live: we are citizens of Birmingham, but also of Britain, of other countries and of the globe. A positive sense of identity is crucial to the development of self-esteem, confidence and belonging: children who feel worthy and capable are more likely to be optimistic and to do well in school; a healthy sense of identity also helps children to be more open to people from other backgrounds because they are less likely to fear differences.


3. The importance of experiences

Practical hands-on experiences, as well as visits and visitors, enhance and deepen knowledge because they are planned and contiguous to the subject. We aim to maximise the museums, galleries and civic spaces that Birmingham has to offer - as well as the people in our local community - in order to bring scholarship to life.



These texts and links have helped shape our curriculum thinking:


Parents can find out more information about Leigh's curriculum on this page and also through our newsletters and curriculum letters. For any further information please speak to your child's class teacher or a member of SLT.