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Safety Day

Friday 5th September 2014

Today the children learnt about Fire Safety, Road Safety and E-Safety by taking part in various activities.


 Walk in the local area

Friday 26th September 2014

Today we went for a walk around our local area in Washwood Heath. We identified the different features and talked about the use of land in the area.

Eid Al- Adha Party

Tuesday 7th October 2014

Charity Day

On Friday 17th October year 2 held a Charity Day to help raise money for the N.S.P.C.C.  The theme of the day was 'Being Healthy' and the children took part in various activities including making a delicious fruit salad, exhilerating workouts, quizzes and crosswords.  To end the day the children including some teachers changed into their pyjamas and they had a fanatstic 'Slumber Party.' Year 2 managed to raise a massive £103.80 which will be sent to help the work of the charity.  Many thanks to all the parents who donated £2.00 so their child could take part our exciting day.

11th November 2014   REMEMBERANCE DAY

2K's Class Assembly

This year 2K had the honour of performing the special assembly to commemerate Rememeberance Day.   It was extra special this year because it was the 100th anniversary of World War 1. During the assembly Mr Cross talked about the fallen boys who attended this school. Soon after,  Khateeb, Laiqa and Roman placed a wreath by the school memorial board.

Finally there was an outstanding singing performance by Anees, Wafa and Rida who sang 'Rememberance Day Child'

Art work in the style of 'Jackson Pollock' December 2014



In our Art Topic we have learnt about the Artist 'Jackson Pollock'. We created art work in the style of Jackson Pollock, using different techniques. The techniques we used were action painting, using oil pastels, cutting and sticking coloured paper and marbelling.

Christmas at Leigh in 2K!

In 2K we celebrated Christmas in lots of different ways.


  • We created beautiful Christmas cards to take home for our families 
  • We wore our fancy party clothes
  • We all had a tasty Christmas dinner in the beautifully decorated dinner hall (we even had crackers)
  • We played party games in the classroom & in the big hall
  • One of our favourite activities was a class karaoke






Making Puppets 

During Spring 1 the children made hand puppets. 


Thursday 5th March 2015


Today the children came dressed up as different story characters. They carried out exciting activities during the day. 

Our Trip to Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park


On Tuesday 10th March year 2 visited the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park to learn about nocturnal animals and their habitats.  In class the children had been finding out facts and writing about nocturnal animals in their literacy and science lessons.   They experienced a special teaching session in which they got to look and learn about some of the different nocturnal animals. They also had great delight afterwards looking around the park and learning about lots of other animals and creatures.




Botanical Gardens

On Monday 22nd June we went to visit the Botanical Gardens to support their topic work on the rainforest.  During the day they looked at many colourful  and exotic plants from around the world.  In the sub-tropical house the children experienced the damp, humid atmoshpere likening it to the climate of the rainforest.  They also saw different birds and beautiful butterflies as they strolled around the gardens.  After lunch the children visited the class room and learnt lots more facts about the rainforest, they were introduced to a chamelion called 'Mojo' and a bearded dragon called 'Rocky.' 



Seaside Experience

In Literacy the children had been reading 'The Tunnel' by Anthony Browne.  They were asked to re-write the story however they had to think of an alternative ending.  Many of the children decided to choose a beach for the setting. To inspire the children, staff created a beach in the outdoor classroom.  The children crawled through the tunnel and were amazed to find themselves on a beach.  They enjoyed building sandcastles and splashing around in the 'make believe' sea.  

Trip to St. Mark's Church

On Thursday 9th July Year 2 visited St. Mark's Church.  Mrs Alder and other members of the congregation talked to the children about the different areas of the church and how they are used.  The children learnt about the different types of services held at the church and festivals that are celebrated throughout the year.  It was an enjoyable experience for the children and they remembered lots of information to enable them to answer questions at the end.