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Autumn 1

Welcome to 2K

The children started the new term keen and ready to learn.  Take a look at what we have been doing.


Queen Elizabeth II Day

On Thursday 10th September 2015 the school held a special day to celebrate the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne for sixty-three years, seven months and two days passing the record of Queen Victoria.  To commemorate the day all the children came dressed in the colours of the Union Jack flag.  They learnt about the Queen and significant events in her life.


Safety Day

Safety Day was held on 18th September 2015.  The day started with a special assembly which included a visit from the Fire Service.  In class the children participated in activities relating to road safety, fire safety and e-safety.

Our Harvest Assembly

On Friday 16th October 2K performed their class assembly.  The theme was 'harvest' and the children took great delight in sharing their thoughts about how they are thankful for all the lovely things that are in the world.  They acted out the story of the 'Little Red Hen', reinforcing the importance of sharing.  They also performed a fantastic dance and the assembly finished with a song.


Children in Need

The school held a fund raising event for Children in Need.  Everybody came to school in non-uniform or fancy dress.  Teachers looked very strange dressed in clothes from the era they were born in.  In 2k the children enjoyed learning about the charity of Children in Need and how it helps others.  The children enjoyed  writing 'Pudsey' poems and designing costumes for 'Pudsey'.  Later the children had the opportunity of having spots painted on their faces.


Sponsored Walk

To raise money for our 'Forest School' everybody took part in a sponsored walk.

Christmas 2015

2K had lots of fun learning about and celebrating Christmas.  Take a look and see what we have been up to!


Maths Day

On Thursday 7th January 2016 the school held a Maths Day. 

2K had an exciting and challenging day solving lots of mathematical problems.

Charity Day

On Friday 22nd January Year 2 held a Healthy Activity Day to raise funds for our charity the N.S.P.C.C.  Children donated £2 to take part in various different activities.   

Life Education Caravan

The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the Life Education Caravan.  They excitedly entered the caravan and were eager to participate in answering questions relating to different emotions.  They met 'Tammy' and learnt about different organs inside their bodies and how they work.   The highlight was when 'Harold' appeared and they all enjoyed having a cuddle with him.

World Book Day

On Thursday 3rd March 2016 the school celebrated 'World Book Day'.  Children came to school dressed as different book characters.  During the day children took part in a variety of different activities to encourage them to develop a love for reading.


Sport Relief

On Friday 18th March 2016 the children took part in various sporting activities to raise money for Sport Relief.  Children were able to come to school dressed in 'sporty' clothes. The children thoroughly enjoyed all the different activities that the P.E. staff had organised in the hall.  In the afternoon the teachers took 2K outside to practise running.  The children were very energetic and staff were worn out long before the children.  Back in the class there was no chance of a rest as the children were keen to show off their gymnastic skills they had been learning in P.E.




Congratulations to the children who managed to achieve 100% for the spring term!


Our trip to the Botanical Gardens

On Friday the 6th of May Year 2 went on a trip to the Botanical Gardens.  It was a warm, sunny day so we were very lucky. The children were very excited as they were keen to learn lots of facts about their topic on Rainforests.  During the visit the children participated in a teaching session about the rainforest delivered by a lovely gentleman called James from the Botanical Gardens. Then they visited the Sub Tropical house and identified different types of plants. Afterwards the children were able to explore the tranquil surroundings of the gardens looking at all the wonderful floral displays.  They were delighted to be able to see a peacock, who was very keen to show off her beautiful, colourful feathers, as she proudly strutted around.  All the children had a fantastic time and to end the visit the children were allowed to have time to play in the recreation area.


Summer 2 Term

SATs are over hip hip hooray however there is no time to rest in 2K.  Take a look at all the things we have been doing this half term.


Our visit to St. Mark's Church.

On Monday 4th July 2016 we visited St. Mark's church.  All the children were eager to enter the church to see what it was like inside.  Mrs Alder and Mrs Richards (who was a member of the congregation) showed the children around and explained what the different areas of the church were used for.  All the children were keen to ask questions and see if they could spot various items around the church.

Celebrating Eid-al-Fitr

To celebrate Eid the children had a delicious lunch on beautifully decorated tables.  During the afternoon 2K had a fantastic party with games, dancing and lots of singing.