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Welcome to 2M

Welcome to 2Ms class page. Here you can learn about all of the exciting things that we have been doing in class.


Meet The Teachers:

Our teachers are: Mrs Mills, Miss Kaur and Miss Ahmed



P.E. for 2M is on a Monday and we will be swimming every other half term on a Thursday. Our next swimming lessons will start straight after the Easter holidays.


Safety Day


Mr Ahmed held an assembly about e-safety, fire safety and road safety where we learnt all about keeping ourselves safe at school and at home. In the classroom we then based all of our activities about staying safe. We learned about e-safety through a cartoon called Lee and Kim. We the created our own internet charter with rules for staying safe on the computer and we all signed it to say we agreed. We learned about fire safety through a story about Frances the firely. We wrote storyboards about her adventures and what she had learnt about never playing with matches! We then identified some fire hazards around the home. Finally we learnt all about road safety on the website we played a game and watched a video about how to be safe on the road.  

Walk around the local area

For our geography topic, year 2 went for a walk around the local area. We identified some different landmarks that we recognised and discussed the different buildings and local businesses.

Charity Day

We had lots of fun raising money for the NSPCC which is our year groups charity. We chose to have a healthy day. We made fruit salad, participated in different healthy activities and had a slumber party. Some of us even had our faces painted. We had a great day and managed to raise over £100!!

making fruit salad!

Slumber Party zzzzz

Having our faces painted.

Eid Party

We had lots of fun at our Eid party. We had a special Eid lunch and then we played games and had a disco.

Bonfire Night Assembly

2M's class assembly was all about bonfire night. We talked about the historical reasons behind bonfire night and acted out the gunpowder plot. Ammaarah did a very good job stepping in at the last minute as our Guy Fawkes was off sick! We read some poems, sang some songs and even perfomed a dance to Katy Perry's song 'Firework'. 2M really enjoyed performing in the assembly and did a fantastic job.

Children In Need

We celebrated children in need with a super hero themed day. We had a fab assembly where different people talked about their super heros and we learned where some of the money raised goes to. We then participated in various events during the day including sticking our spare change onto Pudsey, a super hero shoot out against Superman (looking suspiciously like Mr Stevens!) and a competition to decorate our own dancing Pudsey. Miss Kaur won out of the teachers with her brazil themed Pudsey!

Christmas Party

We had a great time at out Christmas party this week. We all wore our party clothes and had a special traditional Christmas dinner in the hall. We pulled crackers and shared jokes with our friends. Then we had some dancing and party games!!

Life Education Caravan

2M had great fun in the Life Education Caravan with Harold and his friends. We learnt all about our bodies and how to stay fit and healthy as well as positive and negative feelings. 
We designed and made puppets based on our favourite characters for enrichment. We were very proud of our finished products!