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Welcome to 3C!


Welcome to class 3C where you can read all about the exciting and wonderful things that we have been doing in school. We have already had a busy and fun packed start to the school year.

Safety Day


Eid Party Day

Today we learnt how the Vikings went on raids and invaded different parts of England. The Vikings travelled in long ships to other countries for trade in silk, spices, fur etc. They then used these trips to gather information about the country and later invaded. Many Vikings came for gold, jewels, food and land.

We had a go at acting out a scene of a Viking invasion. First we pretended to be Vikings in Long ships and once we landed we took what we wanted. The Anglo Saxons tried to hide some things but they were not very successful. Lots of us got very excited when we acted out the fighting scenes, they were fun!

Christmas Fair

Puzzle Day