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Welcome to 3R!

A very huge and warm welcome from Miss Rashid and Mrs Jones in 3R. We hope that you enjoy looking at the amazing learning that 3R have done so far. 



Class 3R dedicated their own lunch time to selling stationary to raise money for the Acorns charity. Following on from Diversity Day, the children decided to set up a stall in the week beginning 23.5.16 during lunch times to sell stationary in their classroom. All proceeds are to go towards the Acorns charity which is a "registered charity offering a network of care for life limited and life threatened babies, children and young people and their families, across the heart of England."


As Ramadan is approaching us, we were involved in writing an acrostic poem of 'RAMADAN'. We were working in our role play groups and then presented our poems to the class!
In class 3R, we were writing a letter to the Selfish Giant trying to persuade him to let us into his big beautiful garden! We were working collaboratively to write persuasive points to include in our letter. Will 3R get an invitation to the Selfish Giants garden?
Class 3R are always working hard towards achieving 100% attendance! Welldone to these children for not missing a single day during spring!

Queen Elizabeth II Day was very important to all of us! The Queen has made history by being the longest reigning monarch in Britain. How amazing is that? We were very keen to mark this day so in 3R we dressed in our red, blue and white clothes. This day was so fun because we learnt about lots of cool historical facts about Queen Elizabeth's life and we even got our face painted too! 

School Councillor Election

Our school councillor was chosen after a democratic vote. The children in 3R who wanted to get voted prepared a speech and then performed their spectacular speeches to their audience. All children only had one vote so they had to think very carefully who they would want to represent them and their views during school council meetings. After our vote, the winner of the election was Farah Mulla. Well done Farah for delivering a very persuasive speech. We, in 3R, are sure that you will listen to our views and share them in your meetings.
Literacy was so fun these 2 weeks. We were looking at different poems from the book 'Gargling with Jelly' by Brian Patten and created our own poems with rhyming couplets! First, we worked in our creative role play groups and shared lots of ideas in order to describe our gruesome goblins. There were outstanding adjectives used to describe them and then we had to think of rhyming pairs. At the end, we performed our ideas as group by speaking clearly and loudly.
We had so much fun today marking the religious festival of Eid. In 3R we dressed in our fancy and colourful clothes and did fun activities. During lunchtime, we had a special Eid meal with our class and teachers. Later on, we played fun games as a class for musical chairs and musical statues. Luckily, Miss Edwards did a really fun dance with us in the big hall. Everyone has lovely, funky dance moves. 

Black History Day

To mark Black History Month, we had a special day at Leigh Primary School where we had an important day focused on learning about the lives of people. We learnt about inspirational people such as Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King. Also we learnt about how people felt when the slave trade was happening by working in our role play groups and discussing different ideas. It was lovely watching Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream' speech at the end of the day which highlighted the dreams of many black people a few decades ago. 

Learning French

In 3R we are trying to learn basic French greetings. To show our understanding of phrases, we have started communicating with one another by using French vocabulary. It was really fun speaking another language. 

We are all connected! PSHE

Today we learnt we are all connected to one another. There is always some way that we can have a similarity with one another. This was a very good lesson that helped us all to understand that we are all equal!