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A big warm welcome to you from Miss Rashid and Miss Elliott. 

Yes! The school year has now begun and 3R have been eager to learn during this term. Simply scroll down to read all about our amazing learning...



Science- Healthy eating.

We learnt all about the different food groups for example carbohydrates, protiens, fats and sugars and fibre. First, we were abit unsure what food belonged to each food group but after working on different work stations we had a much better understanding.

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Eid Celebrations

In September/October we were very excited about Eid so we decided to decorate cards and we had such fun when we had our Eid party. Everyone arrived to school with trendy outfits. Some children couldn't wait to eat thier scrumptious Eid meal during the party day. During the afternoon of the Eid party children got together and danced to music and played lots of fun games (we even played musical chairs!). 3R really enjoyed this day!

Mrs Jones stick insects

We were lucky enough to look at Mrs Jones pet insects. Everyone was excited because they did not know what pets she had bought in. We tried guessing which creatures could be in the special tank and some of us guessed accurately.

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Autumn 2

Children in Need!

On Friday 14th November 2014, we had a whole school Children in Need. To show our support for this special day we dressed as our heroes.

The Christmas Party!!!

We had great fun doing lots of different activities at school. We practised singing different songs and we even created beautiful, impressive Christmas cards for our friends and family members. Everyone enjoyed this.


3R also had a very special Christmas lunch. There was lots of jokes and excitement around the table. Pulling the crackers was the most exciting thing though. When we returned to class we showed off our best dance moves. Yes! We finished the day off by playing games like musical chairs!

Picture 1 Check out our tasty food!
Picture 2 Tasty food...
Picture 3 We even pulled crackers...they were funny.
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6 We listened to songs.
Picture 7 We sang songs as well.
Picture 8 We played games
Picture 9 We did abit of acting too.
Picture 10 Musical chairs! How fun!
Picture 11 Lovely poses boys.
Picture 12
Picture 13 We danced
Picture 14 Some of us had great moves.
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20 We made Christmas cards.
Picture 21 Look at my snowman!
Picture 22 Look at my snowman too!
Picture 23 And mine....
Picture 24 We had a new addition to the class. Olaf.

Spring 1

Attendance Winners

They even received a special medal. How lucky are they! Well done to the 6 children who achieved 100% attendance last term.

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