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Welcome to class 4B smiley

Hello and welcome to our exciting class page. 


This page will allow you to learn about all the fun and exciting things that we have been doing. You have a chance to look at some great photos we have taken during the special events that we have experienced in school so far. We have had a very busy and enjoyable start to the year, and we are pleased to say that the children are working extremely hard. 


Enjoy! no


From Miss Bhogal and Ms Allaway 



Important days to remember: 


4B have P.E every Monday morning.

4B have music every Thursday morning.

4B attend swimming every Friday morning. 


It is very important that we remember to bring our P.E kits, swimming kits and musical instruments on these days, so we all can take part in these fun activities. 

In music, we have been learning how to play the cornet. We have been practicing lots at school and home. There are several themes that we have learnt to play; eye of the tiger, hot cross buns and jingle bells. It is so much fun! 
In literacy, we have read, written and learned about a range of poems by Michael Rosen. We had the chance to perform the poems using expressions and gestures in front of the class. 
In Literacy, we have been reading 'A boy and a bear in a boat' by Dave Shelton. This story is set at sea. We have written character descriptions, messages in bottles and diary entries. In order for us to fully experience the ocean, we brought the ocean to the classroom! We used our 5 senses during this lesson- it was very fun! 
In one of our Enrichment sessions, we learned how to make paper boats from one sheet of A4 paper. We practised making neat folds and then were able to test out our boats in water.

During Safety Day, we developed their understanding of E-Safety, Road Safety and Fire Safety. The local fire and road safety instructors visited Leigh Primary. We then shared their ideas and joined in with a range of activities - including writing a class E-safety charter, identifying dangers and safety tips when walking close to roads and creating a fire evacuation plan.

As part of our Eid celebrations, we came to school dressed in a range of colourful party clothes. As well as sharing our lunch together, we made Eid cards for our families and played different party games - including pass the parcel and musical statues.
During Black History Month, we learnt about a number of famous people who we remember on Black History Day. In Year 4, we learned about Rosa Parks and created fact files and portraits. We thought about how she influenced the thoughts and actions of others both at the time and in the years which followed.
In Science, we have been learning all about healthy eating, looking after our teeth, the digestive system, food chains and much more. We practised brushing a couple of large sets of teeth with an extremely large toothbrush!  As well as learning about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores, we had a lot of fun creating digestive systems out of plasticine.
In Geography, we have been learning how to use an atlas to locate different parts of the UK, Europe and the world. We have learnt about capital cities, countries and continents (as well as physical features and human features that can be found in different places across the world).
In Maths, we have been learning about time. We had the opportunity to make our own time clocks. It was very fun! As well as creating our own clocks, we have been playing lots of Maths games. The Maths games will help us become more confident in our times tables!
In D&T, we have been learning lots about electricity (which also links to science). For our D&T we had the opportunity to experiment and make torches. This allowed us to use our knowledge from science about Circuits and Conductors to help create a successful circuit. Take a look at how we got on! 
During Friendship day, we had a chance to talk to our peers about what makes a good friend. We shared lovely thoughts about all our friends and what makes them a good friend. We then created friendship poems for our friends. In the afternoon, we made cakes and biscuits and gave them to our friends in our class. This day allowed us to reflect on what makes a good friend and how lucky we are to have such lovely and special people in our school. 
We have just made our Calendars for the upcoming year! Take a look.