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This is the place where you can learn all about the fantastic and exciting things that we have been doing so far this year.  We have had a very busy and enjoyable beginning to the term and the children have been working hard.


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From Mr Shelley and Mrs Parekh.

Our local environment


In Literacy we have made cross-curricular links to Geography where we compare contrasting environments. 

On Wednesday 25th September 2013 we walked to different parts of Washwood Heath, including Ward End Park. The reason for the visit was to contrast and compare localities. We had a lovely day and saw some fabulous things!  We have learnt more about the contrasting environment of Fairfield School in Bromsgrove through comparing our local area.

Art: ‘Take a Seat’


During Autumn 1 we began our challenging art topic which involved designing and making chairs.  The children made thoughtful steps towards achieving their goals.  The children looked different styles of chair from a range of cultures.  They compared and contrasted them thinking about the different features that were used.  They then designed a chair for a character, thinking about different patterns, designs and features which might be most suitable for the person.


Throughout this project we have been developing our teamwork and speaking and listening skills.  The children started off by sharing recycled materials in their groups and working together to discuss, select and attach the suitable materials for different parts of their chairs.   Then we made and used papier mache to cover our chairs.  Once it was dry we could then add paint to decorate and personalise the chairs.


We worked together to develop our painting designs and to choose the best features and techniques. 

We then carefully painted and decorated our chairs before evaluating them.



Since September we have been learning Spanish.  To start off the year we learned about different people who speak Spanish and where different Spanish speakers live across the world.  The children have since learned different aspects of the language, practising their vocabulary before developing conversations in Spanish.



Since September the children have been learning how to play the cornet.  They learn in school and also take their instruments home to practise. The children have learnt how to hold their cornets correctly and how to use the valves to play 3 notes.  They are learning to play different songs altogether, listening to each other carefully and learning to play in time.

The Samaritan’s Purse


In November the children learnt about The Samaritan’s Purse and Operation Christmas Child.  They learnt about how children in other countries can be supported by our charity and they shared ideas about how we could help.  As a result we were able to send a large number of shoeboxes to help children less fortunate than ourselves.

Year 4’s Royal Visit from Henry VIII


At the end of November we made cross-curricular links with History to learn more about the Tudors.  As part of this the children wrote questions for Henry VIII to answer. 


During King Henry’s visit to Year 4 the children found out various facts about Henry’s life – his hobbies, likes and dislikes to name but a few.  They could then use some of this information, along with further research, to write a biography about Henry VIII’s life.

Our Tudor trip to Blakesley Hall


On Tuesday 26th November we visited Blakesley Hall to learn more about how people in the Tudor times would have lived.  We explored different rooms and make comparisons between rich and poor Tudors.  We used this to aid us with writing recounts and diary entries from the viewpoint of a Tudor child.


Children enjoyed dressing up as Tudors and we learned about rich and poor clothes.  Others practised using a flint to light the fire in the kitchen.  We then discussed similarities and differences between then and now.


After exploring the rest of the house, the children experienced a range of different activities which included sketching Blakesley Hall, using brass rubbings of Tudor images, calligraphy writing with a quill, discussing artefacts from Tudor times and identifying herbs in the herb garden.

Bright Sparks


Following our Tudor topic, parents were invited to our ‘Bright Sparks’ workshop.  We shared how we use writing across the curriculum to develop and reinforce skills and knowledge.  We also demonstrated how different writing strategies can be used at school and at home, including a range of Alan Peat activities and VCOP.

Children In Need Day


For Children In Need Day the children dressed in colourful pyjamas to raise money. 

We were part of a whole school assembly where we learned about some of the children and families who are given charity.


Amongst many activities, the children designed different Pudsey Bears in the style of Andy Warhol.  They also decorated cakes and biscuits which went on sale to raise further funds.

Design & Technology


In D&T the children designed their own money containers.  First of all they looked at a range of models, discussed the features and chose their favourite ideas.  Using their designs, the children then started to cut and tailor materials to suit their desired  purpose.  They also painted and decorate the main material as well as attaching extra materials where needed.

Christmas Fayre


The children joined in with the celebrations being expressed across the country this Christmastime.  We had a special assembly, a Christmas dinner and a variety of Christmas activities and games.  The children really enjoyed learning more about the Christian message of Christmas as well the celebration which sees the year 2013 coming to a close.

Chinese New Year


On Friday 31st January 2014 it was Chinese New Year! To join in with the celebrations the children took part in various activities. We started the day with a whole school assembly which re-told the story of the Chinese New Year.


The children in Year 4 were given the Year of the Rat and so we designed rat masks for the whole-school competition. The winning mask would make it into our calendar. We also looked at different Chinese lanterns and then created our own. 

World Book Day


On Thursday 6th March 2014 it was World Book Day. We started the day with a whole-school assembly where we celebrated the work of different children’s authors. The children dressed for the day as their favourite characters.


In Year 4 we chose to look at the novels of JK Rowling, namely the Harry Potter series. The children created their own spells and designed a new monster for Harry to face.


The activities ranged from competitions to guess teachers’ favourite books to extending a Harry Potter novel using their own ideas.

Sports Relief


On Friday 21st March 2014  the whole school supported the charity work of Sports Relief.  We started the day with an assembly where children from different classes competed in different activities.


Mr Stevens created a running circuit and the children ran together for a sustained period of time.  They focused on pace and fitness levels, above speed and competition.


As part of our competitive activities, the children in both Year 4 classes took turns to row as fast as they could in 1 minute.  The total distance covered was then added together at the end of the


The children also found out facts about sports and health around the world.  They answered quiz questions as well as creating posters for other children to learn about health, fitness and the work of Sports Relief.

ICT News Reports


This term the children have been learning how to write newspaper reports in Literacy and ICT. They have looked at different examples of newspapers online and used this understanding to create their own newspapers. As part of their learning they have edited different parts of a newspaper as well as making their own.

Design & Technology


In D&T the children designed their own torches.  First of all they dismantled real torches, discussed the circuits and design features.  They then designed their own torches, thinking about who would use it and what they would benefit from most.  The children then explored using different materials to make, test and evaluate their torches.

George’s Marvellous Measuring


On Tuesday 11th March, as part of our capacity topic, the children helped George to mix different liquids for his marvellous medicine.  They had to look carefully at the scale used on their containers as well as checking the overall amount by using addition.

Our Cornet Concert


During our weekly sessions this term, the children have been learning to play a number of different pieces of music.  These range from ‘Hot Cross Buns’ to songs like ‘The Eye of the Tiger’.


Mr Jennings has been teaching the children how to use different notes and dynamics to improve their ability to play the cornet.  They have been learning to listen to each other and to contribute to the group.


On Thursday 3rd April 2014  the children bravely had their second performance.  This time it was to the whole of Key Stage Two in the school hall.


The children played a vast range of different pieces, including a piece where children spontaneously played solos – under the direction of the conductor.  They played extremely well and are preparing for their summer concert!

Our Spring Fayre


On Friday 4th April Leigh Primary School held our Spring Fayre.  The children dressed in non-uniform and raised money for the school.  They also took part in a range of different activities and experiences.


Parents visited and took their children around the fayre,  They could buy a range of different items – including food, toys, gifts and more.  Everyone took part in helping run the stools.  All of the staff and many parents helped to make the fayre a fantastic day for all involved!


The children went on the bouncy castle in small groups.  They also competed on the bungy run, using their muscles and skill to see who could run the furthest.  This was a great day which raised a lot of money for our school.