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Our Class Assembly
Then we had to perform on the stage!
Celebrating Eid-ul-Adha
We had great fun in school for Children in Need
DT - Moving Toys
Christmas Time!!!
Maths Day
We took part in a book quiz
Music - Spring Term 1

During music this half term Year 5 have been listening and comparing pieces of Jazz music. This was a style of music that the children were unfamiliar with. 

SEAL - Learning a new skill!!
Design Technology - making bread
We had a Careers Day
World Book Day - Thursday 3rd March 2016
Edgbaston Cricket Ground

5C visited the Edgbaston Cricket Ground where we had a tour of the stadium. We were lucky enough to visit places where even members of the Warwickshire club are not allowed to visit!! These included access to the press rooms, the players changing rooms and even a look at the control room that makes sure that everyone is safe on match days! Everyone had a fabulous day and we ended it by learning some new cricket skills.

Computing - We are Artists
This lesson was an introduction to Publisher.  We looked at the various effects that the package can achieve using the shape and line tools.  We chose the geography theme of ‘Places and features of the UK’ and then we then experimented with Publisher order to change pictures and text using shapes, rotation and resizing.
Computing - We are Architects - creating our own art gallery!

We reviewed our sketches of our art galleries from the previous lesson. Then we learnt how to open up Google SketchUp. We then created a box which was to become our art gallery. We used the shape tools, push and pull and the orbit buttons. Some managed to add texture to their various walls.

Visiting Shri Venkateswara (Balaji) Temple
Computing - Creating a sculpture

We explored the SketchUp interface for ourselves and then we shared what we discovered with each other. We found out how to navigate the 3D environment using the orbit, pan and zoom tools on the standard toolbar. Then we experimented with these further with our computing partners. We were shown how to draw 2D shapes and extrude these into 3D and how to select objects, faces and edges. Then we found out how each of these can be moved. Finally we created our masterpieces! 

Music concert - This is 5C on the clarinet!!