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We have studied the life and the paintings of Claude Monet
Black History Day 2014
Ancient Egyptian Day - 7th November 2014
What a fantastic day we had! Everyone enjoyed finding out all about Ancient Egypt. It was non-stop throughout the day - and we had so much fun. All the teachers in Year 5 joined in and dressed up and quite a few of the children as well.
First we carried out some research on the Ancient Egyptians
We found out lots of interesting facts ...
We learnt how to play an Ancient Egyptian game.
Where's my mummy?

The afternoon session got even better- mummification! We found out all about what happened to the Pharaoh when he died. Most of it was quite gruesome! Don't read on if you are of a nervous disposition!

To disguise the smell of the dead body it had to be washed and covered in sweet smelling oils. This helped - a bit! A small (hand-sized) hole was cut into the side of the body and various internal organs were removed by the priests.

The Ancient Egyptians left the heart where it was. This was thought to linked to the person's spirit and controlled the rest of the body and as such it would be needed in the afterlife. The brain, on the other hand didn't do much - so they threw it away. But first they had to get it out!
We warned you not to read on if you were squeamish!
Ancient Egyptian weaponry.
It was great to hear about the weapons that the Ancient Egyptians would have used. But somehow I don't think that he trusted us to have a go at using them! I can't think what might have given me that impression ...
What a brilliant day we had! What's next I wonder ...
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Design technology - Making a moving toy

Today we each made a cam for our moving toy. First we made the box. We cut pieces of cardboard into pieces of the right size then we stuck them together using glue and masking tape. To help make the structure more rigid we cut out triangular pieces of card and attached them to the corners of the box. The next step was to add the cam. Finally we attached the toy to the cam follower and decorated it. What a great way to end the Autumn Term!

Christmas 2014
Black Country Museum
What a brilliant way to start our new topic on the Victorians. We were split up into four groups and we had to visit different places around the museum to find out details about a young girl called Rose Bradley. The first pace that we visited was the Racecourse Colliery. This was where Rose's father, Joseph Bradley, worked as a mine clerk. This was a very good job and he was paid for his work six days a week. Regular work and wages meant that Rose's family were well off compared to many of the other families at that time. We wen to the colliery and found out a little about the conditions there.
Jerushah Tilted Cottage
We went to visit Jerushah Cottage. This is where Rose Bradley lived. Altogether six people lived in this small house - although it wasn't thought to be crowded for Victorian times! We needed to find out about some mystery object here and Rose's 'mum' was there to help us with all the information we needed.
Hardware Store
The hardware store was full of interesting things. This is where Rose's mum would have done lots of her shopping. We saw some examples of wallpaper that she would have bought. These were created by William Morris who was a very famous designer in Victorian times. She would have bought new wicks for her oil lamp, a new bucket with a lid for keeping leftovers from the kitchen, and even something for solving their cockroach problem ...
St. James' School
The Chainmakers
We talked to the chain maker. He explained how metal working was so important to the Black Country. Goods sold all over the world included, nails chains, locks, anchors and anvils. Women as well as men were employed in making chain. This would have been hot and very difficult work.
The underground mine
The Black Country was famous for the coal which lay beneath it. Our visit to the underground mine gave us an idea of just how hard their lives would have been. We heard how the miners would be underground by 6 o'clock in the morning (still dark outside) and finish work at 6 o'clock in the evening (dark again outside). In fact the miners would not have seen any sunlight at all except on a Sunday!! What a life that must have been!!
Finding out about URLs and the web
We created our first html page

Today we found out a little about html (Hyper Text Markup Language). These are the instructions that hide behind the page that we can see and read when we look at the web. They contain the information that allows the web page to be created from scratch. We found out about some basic html tags e.g. the opening tags for any web page is <html> and the closing tag is </html>. Here are some of the tags that we used.

  • The text between <html> and </html> describes an HTML document
  • The text between <head> and </head> provides information about the document
  • The text between <title> and </title> provides a title for the document
  • The text between <body> and </body> describes the visible page content

We used tags like this to create our very first web page! Here you can see that we have split our screens so that we can see both the web page that we are using to find out about html and Notepad which we are using to create our very own web page. All very exciting!!