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Mrs Froggatt and Mrs Kausar

We are a lively and happy family.

Monday 8th September 2014 - Head boys, Head Girls and Prefects Assembly


In our assembly today, the elected year 6 children received their badges from Mrs Davies and Mrs Yasmeen. They were presented it infront of the whole school and their parents too. What an amazing achievement!!

 Tuesday 16th September 2014 - Our trip to Weston Park


The purpose of our trip (apart from having fun) was to learn about how people lived during World War II. During our visit we had an opportunity to make our own gas masks, dressed up in 1940's outfits and sit inside a real Anderson Shelter. Overall we had a fun day!

Tuesday 7th October 2014 - Eid Party


To celebrate Eid we had an Eid party. This involved coming into school with our party clothes, an eid lunch and lot's of party games.

Wednesday 22nd October 2014 - 6F's Class Assembly, Happy Diwali to All!!

Thursday 13th November 2014 - NEC Trip


We went to the NEC careers exhibition to help us decide on what careers we may be interested in following. There were several people there from different occupational backgrounds from doctors to people involved in media. These people talked to us about what their jobs involved and what skills set you need. It was an interesting, informative yet fun day!!

Thursday 23rd October 2014


Today we are learning about Black History Month. As a class we focused on Charles Richard Drew, he was famous for his blood transfusion techniques and discovering blood banks. Our tasks were to write a biography on him and draw a portrait of him including shading.

Friday 14th November


Children in Need


Today the children were encouraged to dress up as someone they thought of as a hero.  This could be a superhero, someone famous or someone who is important in their lives, such as: doctors, mums, dads etc.  Throughout the day the children took part in many activities to raise money and to find out what the charity spends the money on.  We had a fantastic day and the children and staff looked amazing!!  Well done everyone.