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Welcome to 6P!

Welcome to class 6P!! Here you can find out about all of the interesting and exciting things that we have been doing in school! The year has been busy, but very enjoyable!

Wednesday 4th September 2013 - Moving Pictures!


As part of our art topic on 'People in motion', the children used sponge painting to create an image of a person moving. Some chiuldren chose to create people running, while other characters were jumping or kicking a football. The use of different colours allowed the 'moving' pictures to be seen more clearly.

Friday 6th September 2013 - Safety Day


As part of safety day, the children discussed different ways they could stay safe when using ICT coming up with a class charter on the do's and do not's of ICT use. The children also discussed how to stay safe on the roads, and created a fire escape lan for their house if they ever needed to escape in an emergency!

Wednesday 11th September 2013 - School Council and Green Team Elections


The children who wished to be considered for the role of school councillor or green team representative had to write short manifesto on what they would do in their role. After writing them out, the children then had to read them to the class, who voted on who they thought should represent them. In the end, Ismaeel was voted school councillor and Aaliyah our green team representative.

Monday 16th September 2013 - Head boys, Head Girls and Prefects Assembly


In assembly today, the children chosen from year 6 were handed their badges by Mrs Davies and Mrs Yasmeen. As well as receiving their badges in front of the whole school, their parents were also in attendance too!

Tuesday 17th September 2013 - Weston Park Trip


To link to their World War II topic in History, year 6 were taken to Weston Park in Staffordshire. Over the course of the day, they were able to see  real life gas masks and clothes worn from the period, as well as having an opportunity to create their own gas masks. The children took part in pretend air raid, while they even got to sit in a real life Anderson shelter! All of this while being treated like real life evacuees, complete with tags, ID cards and gas masks!

Friday 27th September 2013 - 6P's Class Assembly


After rehearsing all week, 6P performed their class assembly on September 27th. They adapted Roald Dahl's famous story 'The Enormous Crocodile' to produce an entertaining assembly...although most of the story followed the original, there was a little surprise at the end! All the children performed really well and with confidence, making their teachers and their parents very proud of them!

Friday 11th October 2013 - Making Eid Cards


With the upcoming Eid celebrations, 6P made some cards for the children to take home and share with their families. The design was in the form of a mosque, with 'Eid Mubarak' written on the front in Arabic. Inside, the children then added their own personal messages to their families!

Friday 18th October 2013 - Eid Party



To celebrate Eid, the childern had a party afternoon in school. They came in their finest party clothes, enjoyed a lovely Eid meal at lunchtime before playing a few party games. The afternoon was finished off with a bit of a boogy in the Junior hall!

Wednesday 23rd October 2013 - Maths Puzzle Day


As part of puzzle day, the children undertook different mathematical challenges. In the morning for their Numeracy lesson, the children were challenged to make 3D shapes out of straws by thinking about the number of faces, edges and vertices they each had. In the afternoon, the children had to tackle a challenge where they had to predict the number of different dominoes you would find in a pack, depending on the number of dots on each one. It wasn't as easy as you think!

Thursday 14th November - N.E.C. Skills Show Trip


This trip enabled the children to see what type of jobs are out there when they finish school, as well as the skills needed to do them. At the N.E.C. the children were able to explore a wide range of stalls and interactive games to generate an interest in a future career. The childern had a lot of fun and many gained an idea of the sort of job they might like once they finish school!

Friday 15th November 2013 - Children in need


For children in need 2013, the children came to school wearing their pyjamas for 50p. They could also have their faces painted with spots, buy a cake and a drink of hot chocolate (all for 50p each!) The children were treated to a slumber party in the afternoon while they also got to put any loose change they had on a giant Pudsey face!

Autumn Term P.E.


During the autumn term, 6P have been doing dance and invasion games for P.E. In dance, the children have used the music of 'Madness' as a stimulus before half term, and Rock 'N' Roll after half term. During invasion games, the children have played a variety of team sports, including netball, basketball and handball.

Wednesday 11th December 2013 - The animal man visits!


As a reward for getting 100% attendance more than 3 times this term, 6P (along with some other classes) were treated to a visit from the animal man. Each class saw an array of wildlife, including a barn owl, albino skunk, raccoon, tarantula, snakes and lizards. Those who were brave enough even got to stroke and hold them!

Wednesday 18th December 2013 - Christmas Party!


With the Christmas holiday looming (and after a long, hard term) everyone let their hair down for some party food and dancing!

Friday 24th January 2014 - Balloon Rockets


For enrichment, the children investigated making balloon rockets out of string, straw and of course, balloons. The children had to think about how they could reduce the friction on the rocket so that it would go further, as well as how they would get the maximum thrust for it (which shape of balloon and how much to inflate it!). The children enjoyed testing their theories and finding out what happened!

Friday 31st January 2014 - Chinese New Year!


For Chinese new year (2014 is the year of the horse!) 6P children had an afternoon dedicated to activities relating to China. These included making paper dragons, Sudoku puzzles and tangrams, as well as entering a competition to see who could design the best calendar!

Friday 7th February 2014 - Making spaghetti towers!


Today the children were set a challenge to build a tower out of spaghetti, using only blu-tac to join the parts together.  Their tower had to be at least 15cm tall and hold the weight of plastic cup - this was far more difficult than it sounds! In groups of 4, the children tried their best, but only one group succeeded...however, everyone had fun doing it!

Wednesday 12th February 2014 - Life education caravan


Year 6's session in the life education caravan was part of their SEAL work on drug education. The children learnt about how different drugs can affect their bodies, which drugs are illegal and how we should use legal drugs (like medicines) properly. The children were given the opportunity to ask questions about this topic and find out as much information as they could to help them understand the importance of it.

Friday 14th February 2014 - Paper aeroplanes!


Another enrichment activity! The children investigated how to make paper aeroplanes fly further. They followed a conventional way of making a paper plane, but were encouraged to add their own designs that might improve the aerodynamics (such as trimming the wings and changing the shape of the nose). The children tested them in the corridor (as it was raining wink) to see how well their planes could fly!

Thursday 6th March 2014 - World Book Day!


As part of world book day, some of the children (along with the staff!) came dressed as their favourite book characters. They even got to parade their costumes in assembly! During the day, the children did several book related activities and competitions. These included making their own Mr Men story for children in KS1, and  competitions to make a book mark, and guess some teacher’s favourite books!



Friday 21st March 2014 - Sport Relief!


For Sport Relief, the children took part in a few different physical activities during the day, along with paying 50p each to come in their own sports kits. In the morning, the children took part in a 10 minute non-stop run , which turned into a 10 minute non-stop moan and walk for the majority. Well done to those who kept going!! In the afternoon, the children were split into 2 teams for a rowing competition: 45 seconds each to see which team could row the furthest. At the end, the children got to race the staff too, which was very amusing!

Paris Trip - Friday 6th - Monday 9th June 2014


On a very hot and sunny June weekend, year 6 children from Leigh and Alston schools travelled to Paris for a weekend of sight-seeing and fun! Although the journey was incredibly long (12 hours!!), everyone was very excited to be going. During the weekend, we visited the most famous monument in Paris, the Eiffel Tower, climbing up to the second story! The views of Paris were spectacular! We also had lunch while sailing down the River Seine and saw the impressive Sacre coeur cathedral! We spent a day at Disneyland Paris, before hitting the beach for lunch on the way back to Birmingham. Although it was a long and tiring weekend, it was certainly one we all enjoyed immensely!

Harry Potter Trip - 18th June 2014


For their final trip at Leigh Primary, year 6 (along with the school council and green team) were whisked away to the Harry Potter studios in Watford! The children got to see a lot of the sets, costumes, models and animatronics that were used in the actual Harry Potter movies. They also had the opportunity to have their photographs taken on broomsticks with the Hogwarts background placed over the top of them! It was a great day, enjoyed by everyone!

Leavers Party - 19th June 2014


To celebrate their time at Leigh Primary (and to have a bit of a dance too!), year 6 dusted off their finest clothes for their leavers party. The children turned up in wondefully colourfrul dresses, and very smart suits...clearly they had spent their free time at home well! With a bit of party food and pop thrown into the mix, a fantastic time was had by everyone - even some of the teachers joined in for a bit of a groove as well!