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Welcome to Year 3.


This year group consists of 3 classes:


3K with Mrs Khan and Miss Kaur

3NB with Mrs Bibi and Mrs Perveen

3RB with Mrs Begum and Miss Alloway


Also supporting in Year 3 we have Mrs Hollis and Mrs Alder.

Poetry Week:

This week was all about learning through poetry. Year 3 based their poetry week around their Cornerstones topic of Predators. During the week, children had the opportunity to be involved in creative activities, to research and gain knowledge on a variety of predators, say and write poems, design and make a predator, sketch a predator and create animal pictures using squared paper for Maths. the children danced to the song 'What does the fox say?"

To end the week all classes showcased their fantastic work. 

Black History Day:

This year, Year 3 learnt about Rosa Parks. We looked at her achievements and motivation towards equality. She was a significant Black Figure who had a huge impact on the reform of the Segregation Policy in America.


Children created a fact file on drew pictures of Rosa Parks.

The Animal Man 


On Wednesday 3rd October, Year 3 had a visit from the Animal Man from Animals in Hands. He brought a variety of small predators and prey with him. The children were able to touch, feed and handle some of the animals. They were very inquisitive and asked many questions. The children learnt many new facts about the animals. All of the children had a great experience and everyone enjoyed it very much. 

Children in Need:


To raise money for this worthy cause we decided to dress in spotty/yellow clothes for the day.

Also during the day children took part in activities related to Children in Need. Year 3 wrote acrostic poems and had the chance to take part in a competition where they had to dress Pudsey.

Stringcredibles performance  

The children had a great opportunity to experience classical music,  ‘Tunes from the Trenches’, to understand the historical war journey from 1914 to 1918. Along with the string instruments, the ladies also used stories, projected visuals, and lots of interactive activities, to give the show a multidimensional quality that accelerated the children's learning.

3K's class assembly about Remembrance Day. All the children performed confidently and remembered their lines perfectly.

Road Safety Workshop

Year 3 have listened really well and learnt how to stay safe on the road. They took part in various road safety scenarios, using a range of props. 

Making Stonehenge - For the innovate stage of our Cornerstones topic 'Stone Age' the children made models of Stonehenge. Later in the week the children showcased their work during our parent workshop.

Christmas Week at Leigh

Healthy Eating 

Today 3K had a Healthy Eating workshop with the School Nurse. They were involved in a range of engaging activities to understand how to eat  healthy. The activities that they took part in were; sorting the foods into the correct groups, identifying how many sugar cubes various foods contained, scanning food packages for sugar and fat quantity, filling a healthy lunch box and completing healthy eating word search.