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Greeks and Mortals


Year 4 have been learning about the Ancient Greece. They had a memorable day with the Portals of the Past to experience what

the Greeks did and how they expanded into such a huge empire.

Computer Science


Year 4 are learning about coding in computer science. They were lucky to chosen to do some coding with the expert (visiting the school) Students absolutely love giving instructions to the angry bird!!!





Year 4 are the budding musicians and are learning to play Fife and Clarinet. They  are preparing for the concert in December.







In maths we are pictorially trying to understand the calculations and how to show exchange while subtracting or additng.






As scientists we have tried to investigate which material blocks out the sound and which is least effective.







As newspaper reporters we have looked at the features that will make a good article and we have interviewed the witness to report our article.



Misty Mountains


For the cornerstones topic Misty Mountains year 4 had a experience of what it is like to camp on top of a mountain and how the temperature or climate changes with the change in the altitude. They also looked at how the mountains were formed. 












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