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Autumn 1 topic Overview

Allotment Homework Ideas

Week beginning 10th September 2018

Poetry week

Year 5 engaged in reading poems, creating their own poems and rehearsing these for a whole class performance. We used the Tin, Can, Band poem as an inspiration. We created instruments and prompts to support us to role-play this poem. Here we are in action:




Thursday 20th September 2018

English: hot seating to gain empathy for an evacuee.

This week in English we have been writing a diary entry from the viewpoint of a child evacuee in the World War I. To understand the character in depth we generated questions and did some heating. This really helped us to gain empathy for an evacuee.



Friday 21st September 2018

Cornerstones: To create a Gardner’s world radio broadcast


Gardner’s radio for the BBC asked Year 5 to create a broadcast on how to plant a tree for our local allotment area. The children worked in groups to read a set of instructions on how to plant a tree, using this information to summarise the main points. To support with delivering their broadcast, they used a range of key stock phrases which news presenters use. Here they are in action:





Tuesday 25th September 2018

PSHE: Legal and Legal

We discussed what ‘illegal’ and ‘legal’ means and we came up with examples for each type. 




Monday 1st October 2018

Black History week- Harriet Tubman

Year 5 looked at the life of Harriet Tubman and what she achieved for the black people. We linked this back to the values we learnt by studying her life: liberty, freedom and equality.



Cornerstones-Memorable experience- visit to our local Allotment- Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Wednesday 3rd October 2018


As part of our memorable experience, we went to the local allotment center to explore how the land is used and see what items the members grew. We saw a range of fruits, vegetables and plants, such as: raspberries, grapes, rhubarbs, sweetcorn, potatoes, pumpkins, carrots, Zimbabwe cabbage. Our tasting experience was the highlight- we enjoyed tasting tomatoes, grapes, raspberries, rhubarb and ginger jam and tomato and courgette chutney. At the end of our visit we went to see Brian and look at his many pumpkins, including Big Ben.

Wednesday 10th October 2018

French- Numbers in French



Wednesday 10th October 2018

Mental Health and well-being day

Year 5 looked at strategies for looking after their own health and mental well-being. 



Autumn 2- Stargazers homework ideas

Autumn 2- Stargazers topic overview

Monday 12th November 2018

Maths- Concrete, pictorial, abstract


Today we used the CPA approach to solve addition and subtraction problems. Today we focused on using concrete and abstract methods to demonstrate the processes we follow.



Monday 12th November 2018

Computing- Coding


Year 5 have started their new topic of 'coding' in Computing. We had a go at adding codes/ instructions to move objects from one place to another.


Tuesday 13th November 2018


Year 5 have been reading the book Northern Lights by Philip Pullman. We have been acting out the second chapter to develop our understanding of the characters.




Week beginning 12th November 2018

Maths-CPA approach for addition and subtraction


The children started with concrete resources (numicon, base 10) to demonstrate addition and subtraction- exchanging/carrying between the different columns in the place value grid.

Then they moved onto representing the column method (pictorially). Answers were then checked with the use of formal written methods (abstract).




Thursday 22nd November 2018

English- Non-chronological reports

Year 5 have been extremely busy writing reports about the planets linked to our topic 'stargazers.' We are writing these reports for Mr Tom, the astronaut to help him decide which planet he should visit for his next space mission. Which planet will be choosing?




Tuesday 27th November 2018


We have been discussing what makes a good friend and how we are good friends!





Wednesday 28th November 2018


Malachi delivered a very engaging lesson on anti-bullying. Children shared great ideas and took part in role play.