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Safety Day


Mr Ahmed's assembly was about road safety, e-safety and fire safety. In class, with Miss Tann we learnt about the dangers and also what we can do to keep safe. We carried out various activities such as making a class charter on how to use the internet safely. We made road safety slogans and booklets on fire safety.

Eid Party Day


We had a fantastic time during Eid Party Day. In the afternoon we played different games and competitions. Some of us won fantastic prizes. We also had a super time dancing to our favourite songs.

Visit to Fairfield

On Tuesday 4th November we went to Fairfield First School for the day. We loved meeting up with our Pen Pals again and they did lots of exciting activities with us such as building a home for nature in the woods and seeing a local dairy farm. We had a wonderful day and were all very sleepy on the coach home.

Synagogue Visit

In November, Year 4 visited the Synagogue to learn about Judaism and their place of worship. We visited a local Synagogue and learnt about its similarities as well as differences compared to other religions. Jewish people celebrate various festivals throughout the year and similar to other religions, also have their own holy book called the Torah. They believe that their is only one God and only eat meat that is kosher. Although it was a short visit, we had a great time as it was a real learning experience for us.

Black History Day - November 2014


In Leigh Primary School, Black History Day was celebrated on Thursday 23th October, where we learnt about the contributions of Back people towards society. We reminded ourselves of individuals who have contributed to areas such as politics, sport, entertainment and science. In 4T, we focused on Katherine G Johnson, who was a great mathmetician and physicist. As well as this, she had a key role while working for the National Aeronautics Space Agency (NASA). We created a factfile about her, learnt about her life as a child and where her love and passion for maths and science originated from.

Children in Need

Last Friday everyone dressed up as their hero for Children in Need. Miss Tann came as Wonder Woman and Miss Allaway came as Audrey Hepburn. We did lots of fun activities and at the end of the day we took part in a penalty shoot out against Superman!

Friendship Day

As part of anti- bullying week we had a friendship day on Wednesday 19th November. We spent the day thinking about how we can be better friends to people around the school and in our class. We did a number of activities including friendship flowers, friendship cards and friendship bracelets. Once everyone had made their bracelet we swapped with someone in the class.

Charity Day - Islamic Relief


This month, Year 4 held their Charity Day, raising funds for the charity Islamic Relief. The day included carrying out different activities such as learning facts about the charity and the countries that they provide support to. To help raise funds, we decorated and painted canvases using Arabic writing. We also decorated different sized candles using sequins and other fancy decorations. We sold these items to help raise money for the charity during the afternoon. We had a fantastic day and raised a great amount of money!

Christmas Party!


To celebrate the festive period (and the end of a very long and tiring term!), the children let their hair down for the afternoon. After a delicious Christmas meal served by the wonderful kitchen staff, the children settled down for an afternoon of games, dancing and giggles (with a few prizes thrown in for good measure!). Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon to round off a very busy term!