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Autumn 2 - Why Do leaves Turn Crispy?

Week 1

This week we started are new topic, why do leaves turn crispy? As part of our engage to the topic Nursery went on a trip to Ward End Park, we looked at the different trees and leaves and spoke about the changes that happen to the trees during Autumn.


Week 2 (12.11.18)


This week we read the story of Stick Man, by Julia Donaldson, we spoke about the Stick man and had a go at using different sticks to create our own Stick Man in the art area.

This week was also Children in Need, we spoke about the charity and came to nursery in our most spottiest clothes! We had lots of fun taking part in different Pudsey based activities.

Week 3 (19.11.18)

This week we had a go at ordering the stick man story, we also found lots of different sticks and had a go at ordering them, Long, Medium and Short. In P.E this week we worked on our fine Motor and Gross Motor Skills in the hall using ribbons to make large and small circles.

Week 4 (26.11.18)

Leaf Man!


This week we read the story of leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. We spoke about the textures of leaves and thought about all the different things we could make using different autumnal items, can you guess what we made? In Understanding the World we spoke about the changes that happen to leaves when they are heated and dried out we placed some leaves that we plucked from the trees into the microwave and were amazed how they changed when they were heated! We also explored mixing colours, we used blotting paper and pipettes to drip ink onto leaf shapes and commented on what happened when the colours were mixed!.



Parents Workshop - Oral hygiene


This week we were visited by Ruth Lowe the schools local nurse she spoke to the parents about oral hygiene and brought her friend 'Bad-Man' (named by a member of the nursery class) The dinosaur with her. We talked about the important of brushing our teeth and the children all got to have a go helping Bad-Man clean his teeth!


Thank you to all the parents that attended!

Week 5 (3.12.18)

This week we have been very busy in nursery, we read the story Ferdie and the Falling Leaves, a tree appeared in Nursery without any leaves and we worked with our friends making new leaves and thinking of ideas of how we could attach them to the tree! We also had a go at drawing and writing about the character Ferdie from the story.

In our Mathematics family group this week we have been focusing on the shape square, we spoke about its properties and went on a shape hunt around school looking for items in the environment which were square shaped. What squares can you see?

Week 6 10.12.18


Nursery received a letter from Ferdie the Fox asking for our help to make him a house to keep warm for winter. We went into the Forest school and explored different materials to make our house from!

Week 7 (17.12.18)

Nursery Autumn 1

10th September 2018


Half of Nursery have started this week, we have had lots of fun exploring our lovely new nursery! 

WB 17/09/18

Nursery have all started!


Look at all the fun we are having now everybody is settled in nursery!

Which area would you like to play in?

WB 24.09.18


This week in Nursery, we have been looking at all the different areas in our classroom. We showed the teachers how fantastic we are at writing, painting, playing with the playdough and maths!

Work is beginning on the outdoor area, and we've loved exploring this!



WB 1.10.18


Role-play and Reading


This week nursery have been exploring our new role-play area with Mrs Mank, we took on different roles and used our lovely natural equipment to explore the role-play kitchen. On Friday we went up into the schools library and explored all the fantastic books Leigh school have! Isn't reading GREAT!!!


This week in nursery we have been talking about our families we brought in lots of different family pictures and spoke about them with our friends!

After this we had a go at using the junk modelling equipment to create a member of a family!

Look at our super designs!



Innovate: Getting The Lost Bear Home!


This week Nursery have been reading the story 'This is the Bear and the scary night'. We spoke about the story and found our own lost bear in the forest school. We spoke about how we could care for the bear. We gave him a bath and called the doctors to check he was ok. After the bear was feeling much better we came up with lots of different ideas to get him home. Some of us made cars, trains buses and planes to get the bear home and others decided to write a letter to the bears family letting them know where he is!

Thankfully the bear is now home safe and sound!




This week in nursery we brought our own teddies in from home. We spoke about where we got our teddies from, who bought them and the differences and similarities in our toys.

We have also explored pumpkins looking and the texture and smell. We spoke about Halloween, and we decided to leave the pumpkins out over the half term to explore the changes that take place.