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P.E in RD is fun! We have been learning to climb, slide, crawl and balance.
Christmas fun!

We celebrated Christmas at Leigh by coming to school in our party clothes.  We all looked stunning!

We had a lovely Christmas dinner and we had crackers to pull with our friends.

In the afternoon we had a party where we played games and did some dancing!

Food Tasting!

We have been tasting different types of food.  We had to use our sense of taste to describe it.  Some of the foods were sweet, sour, bitter, crunchy, slimy and chewy.  I think we all agreed that the best food to taste were the sweets!


We celebrated Red Nose Day by coming to school wearing our own clothes in a 'Topsy Turvey' way!

During the day there were lots of activities to do.  We had an assembly and we were told why we were raising money for this charity and people told jokes to make us laugh.  In Reception we made our own red noses and had our own Danceathon!

Making Paths in Maths!
In Maths we had to make a path using lots of different shapes.  We worked with a partner to do this so we needed to talk and listen to each other.  The paths were really good they were all different some of them were long and some were short, others were wiggly whilst some were straight!  When we had made our path we had to draw it!