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End of Year Governor Awards 2017

Well done to all the children who received an award for working hard in different areas of the EYFS and to the children who have achieved 100% attendance for the school year!

FUN DAY 2017

Thank you to the parents who put together a fantastic treat.  We had a bouncy castle, disco, drinks and party food.

Our first week in Reception.

We had lots of activities to choose inside and outside.


We celebrated Eid this year by wearing our special Eid clothes to school.  We had a yummy Eid lunch and then in the afternoon we played party games with our friends and teachers.


Today we learnt all about staying safe.  Firefighters from Aston Fire Station came to school to talk to us about fire safety.  We learnt all about road safety using the zebra crossing and the pedestrian crossing.  In our class we talked about E-Safety and how important it is to stay safe online.

Our topic this half term is Traditional Tales.

This week we are focusing our work around the book Little Red Riding Hood.  

Can you talk about the characters in the story?  

What are their names?

What happens in the middle of the story?

Who saves Little Red Riding Hood?

How does the story end?

Can you draw a picture of your favourite part of the story?


We have enjoyed acting out the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Can you guess who the characters are?

What did Red Riding Hood say in the story?

Who does she meet?

The children in Reception have been learning to put numbers in the correct order.

We can become familiar with our numbers by doing lots of counting at home, looking for numbers when we are out and about and singing lots of number rhymes.

In Reception we work hard to develop our fine and gross motor skills.  It is really important that we can hold a pencil with a firm, strong grip because this will help us to have beautiful handwriting.

We have 'Dough Disco' in Reception everyday.  This is a fun fine motor session using play-dough to help us with our coordination and to strengthen the muscles in our hands, wrists and arms.


Activities to do at home to help develop our fine motor skills: 

  • Threading
  • Playing with play-dough
  • Cutting
  • Squeezing pegs
  • Throwing and catching a ball
  • Painting with cotton buds.

‚ÄčThis website has lots of fun fine motor activities


Forest School

Today we looked at conkers and used them to make conker snakes! We had to make holes in them using tools.  Some of us made ribbon kites and then we moved around making big, swirling, whirling shapes.

We wore waterproof suits so that we could get stuck in the mud!

As part of our Traditional Tales topic we are now looking at the book Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Over the next two weeks we will be doing lots of writing about the story and lots of maths activities to do with size and number.  

This week in our maths activities we are looking at size.  We had to sort the bowls, cups, spoons, plates and chairs and then match them to the correct bear.



We have been learning the song 'When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears'.  We learnt actions to the song and we had a band who played instruments.

Making porridge.
As part of the story Goldilocks and the three Bears we have have been making porridge.  After we had made it we could eat it! It was delicious.
Health and Hygiene
Today the School Nurse came into school to teach us how to wash our hands.  We now know that if we sing the song 'Happy Birthday' whilst we are rubbing the soap into our hands it will help us get rid of all the germs that we can't see.


Reception celebrated this day by firstly reading the story Amazing Grace.  We talked about how determined Grace was to do something she really wanted to do.  We then had lots of activities to choose from which were linked to other books, such as Grace and family. 

Physical Literacy

This is a new initiative for our PE lessons.  Today we listened to a short story about a boy called Malik who rescued a cat called Casper.  They were really good friends.  We had to work in a team to select equipment which we could use to make an image of a cat.  The teachers were so proud of how well we could work together as a team!

Festivals and Celebrations

Our new topic in Reception is all about Festivals and Celebrations.  During this half term we will be looking at Birthdays, Diwali, Bonfire Night, Weddings and Christmas.

This week we have been thinking about Birthdays.  In our Maths sessions we have been sorting presents by the criteria heavy and light.

Can you find something heavy?

Can you find something light?


In our creative sessions we have been making our own party hats.  We were encouraged to select our own materials and use our own ideas when making the hat.

Phonics and Reading - Parent Worshop

Yesterday we had a very successful workshop for our parents to come and find out what we do to learn how to read.

We had lots of activities to do together -

  • Making bookmarks
  • Making a reading wand
  • Word Hunt
  • Reading lovely books with teddies

Making cvc words and much more!‚Äč

Remember to read with your family everyday.


Image result for reading quotes for kids

Remembrance Day

Today we remembered the fallen soldiers.  We watched a short film about the meaning of the Poppy.

We made our own poppies and wore them with pride.



Friendship Day

We have been talking about what it means to be a good friend and who are friends are and why.




We raised money for Children In Need today by wearing spotty clothes to school and having a party with our favourite toy.  We talked about what the charity was about and how it helps children all over the UK.  

Ash End House Farm trip.

We had a fantastic day trip to the farm.  It all started with an excited journey on the coach.  We arrived at the farm and the weather was a bit foggy and damp but that didn't stop us having fun!  There were lots of interesting smells at the farm!

We saw lots of farm animals, we fed them their lunch, we played in the playground, we learnt about birds of prey and some of us were lucky enough to hold an owl, we had lunch in a barn, we took part in the Nativity Story and we also met Father Christmas! Have a look at all the photos.

RS at Ash End Farm.



We have had lots of fun learning about Christmas.  We made party hats, Christmas cards and calenders. We visited Winter Wonderland and enjoyed the snow and the marsh mallows. We enjoyed dressing up in our party clothes and played lots party games. We had so much fun.

Christmas in RB


RS Nativity

RS performed their Nativity.  The children were fabulous performers who knew their lines and their acting skills were brilliant. Here are the photographs.


Welcome back to school.  Hope you all had a lovely holiday.

RB talked about their New Years Resolutions and then wrote them on a decoration to hang on our tree.  Will we stick to them? 

'What the ladybird heard.'

Reception had a fantastic trip on a bus to the Town Hall in Birmingham to watch a performance of the story 'What the ladybird heard'.  It was a fantastic afternoon and the children were superstars.  We carried on thinking about the story the next day and made our own ladybirds and wrote about the trip.

Maths Day 2017

We could explore lots of different maths based activities.

We continued to add two numbers together, using objects to help us if we needed them.

Don't forget to count at home and look for numbers when you go to the shops or out for a walk.

RS have been learning how to cross the road safely with the nurse.

Are we there yet?

We have started a new topic which is all about journeys.  We have been using the book 'Whatever Next'by Jill Murphy.  The story is about a bear who finds a rocket under the stairs and goes on a journey to the moon.  The book has opened up opportunities to look at Space, Rockets and much more. We have made our own rockets, written parts of the story, made playdough bears and acted out the story.

RS have enjoyed acting out the story of 'Whatever Next'.
Receptions fun journey to the airport.  We had lots of fun travelling on the bus and the train to the airport.  We talked alot about the different vehicles and what materials they are made from.  We watched how the planes landed and took off.
RB thoroughly enjoyed their journey to the airport.  They travelled by foot, bus, train and shuttle.  Look at the pictures of our day out!
RS had a rocket making competition.  We had to think about what shapes to use and how to manipulate and attach the materials together.  It was a very tough competition. Everyone tried their best.
The winners of the rocket making competition.
RS enjoyed finding magic pencils to draw winter pictures in Forest School .  We also enjoyed using the saw and the loppers to cut the Christmas tree.

The Train Ride

We have been enjoying reading the book The Train Ride.  It is all about a little girl who goes on a journey on the train to meet her Grandma.  But what does she see?  Watch the story and tell your family what the girl sees!

RB have really enjoyed reading and singing the story The Train Ride. We are sad to say goodbye to it, but we know that there will be another fantastic story for us to look at next! Have a look at some of the activities we have done in this topic.


Today we celebrated Chinese New Year.  We learnt all about what happens during the festival.  We made our own noodles which were delicious!  We made dragons and then worked as a team to be a dragon and do a dragon dance.

The Life Education Caravan

We visited Harold in his caravan.  He told us lots of interesting things about our bodies and we learnt about the importance of keeping healthy.  We know that we need to brush our teeth twice a day, eat healthy food such as fruit and vegetables and do lots of exercise.

Mr Gumpy's Outing and Mr Gumpy's Motor Car

Over the next two weeks we will be focussing our work around the stories 'Mr Gumpy's Outing and Mr Gumpy's Motor Car'.

Watch the story with your family and try to retell it.  

Can you remember all of the characters?

What happens to the boat?

What happens to the car?

Where does Mr Gumpy live?

What happens at the end of the story?

How are the two stories similar/different?

We acted out the story of Mr Gumpy's Outing.

Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday - 28th February

This week we talked about Shrove Tuesday and what it means to Christians.  We now know that Shrove Tuesday marks the start of Lent.  During Lent Christians give up treats for forty days.  We made pancakes, they were very tasty!

In PE we had pancake races.  We made our own teams of seven and we were all very competitive.  There was lots of chanting and shouting for the teams.  The green team won the three races.

Will you read me a story?

As part of our new topic Reception took a trip on the bus to Birmingham Central Library.  On the way we saw a beautiful Cathedral, so we had a look inside! We had our lunch at the library and read lots of books.  On our way back to the bus the teachers surprised us with a treat...we had Mc Flurry's! Take a look at the photos from our day out.

Jack and the Beanstalk

This week we have been reading the story Jack and the Beanstalk.  We have looked at the characters and used interesting words to describe them and we have read different versions of the book to make comparisons.

Jack and the Beanstalk Story

Jack and the Beanstalk - Debbie and Friends

"Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum," a fun classic tale set to music by Debbie and Friends. Have fun singing and dancing along.

Saint Patrick's Day 2017

RB performed their class assembly about Saint Patrick's Day to the school and their parents.  It was fantastic.  They learnt a lot about the meaning of the day and shared their knowledge in the assembly.  They were confident performers and made their teachers and parents very proud.  Well done!




We had a fantastic day celebrating all things books and reading!  We came to school dressed as a character from a book and had lots of activities in the classroom to do with books.  In the afternoon we decorated a Gingerbread Man with lots of yummy icing and sprinkles and then we got to eat it before it ran away!

Handa's Surprise

Watch the story at home with your family.  

Talk about the animals that you see.  

What fruits do you see?

Have you tasted any of them?


In our Maths activities we have been looking at Pattern.

We looked for patterns in the environment and made our own patterns on safari animals and with other materials.

Can you see any patterns in your house?

Have you got patterns on your clothes?



Reception went on a trip to the Birmingham Nature Centre.  We had a lovely day learning about the different animals and their habitats.  We enjoyed playing on the challenging playground adventure and having our picnic.  It was a brilliant day!

Charity Day 2017 - RSPCA

We dressed as animals to raise money for the RSPCA.  We learnt about what the charity is about and how they use the money people raise.  We all donated £1 for the charity.


RS dressed up as animals to raise money for our charity the RSPCA.