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Spring 1 2017/18

DENTAL HYGIENE with the School Nurse

Year 5 redoing their numbers in French and practicing their number bonds in French. 

Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace - 15th February 2018

As part of the Innovate Stage of our Cornerstones Topic - The Revolution- the children wrote speeches in the role of social reformers from the Victorian Era. In the speech, which was addressed to the Queen and other gentry at a tea party, the children had to say which historical character they were, what their previous achievements have been and what their current cause was. The children conveyed their well prepared message to attract investment or sponsorship with great confidence passion and conviction! Well done yeat 5!

Shakespeare Story Project

On Wednesday 14th February Year 5 went to Stratford Upon Avon visiting three different sites; Shakespeare Birthplace, New Place and Halls Croft. All the children had a fantastic time. During the day, the 30 children that went previously and had been trained as guides delivered information about the different ares to tourist and visitors at the sites. They did an amazing job, they spoke clearly and confidently and everyone was very impressed by their guiding skills.

Collective Worship  - Day and Night  

Thursday 1st February 2018 


The children thought about when they are at their most active and how they feel at different times of the day.

They  listened to the story  'Morning Charlie afternoon Archie' by Rebecca Saire

Charlie likes to get up early: he is a ‘lark’. His friend,  Archie, is more of a ‘night owl’ as he likes to lie-in in the morning and stay up late. They also like to eat different types of food at different times of the day and they each have different skills so when they
get together to build a space station model they begin to discover their differences and how to work together.

We discussed which one we are closest to in our daily rhythms,  ‘Charlie the lark’ or ‘Archie the night owl?’ and explained why. 

PSHE - 30th January 2018

L.O: To recognise that people may experience conflicting emotions and how they might need to overcome them.


We thought about the different types of emotions that we have and positive way of dealing with negative emotions. 

We watched a group of children discuss the emotion of anger. They explained good and bad emotions. We learnt that bad types of anger lead to damaging people or things.


Cornerstones 25th January 2018

LO: To understand who the suffragettes were ; vocalising ideas and working as a team

Article 13, 14 and 15

After learning about the suffragettes,who campaigned and protested violently for women's rights, during the Victorian Era we listened to and practised the Suffragettes Song from Mary Poppins. Then we created our banners and went on a very loud protest around school. Some of the other children and teachers, from other year groups, joined in our campaign. 

PSHE - 23rd January 2018 - week 3

To be able to understand and reflect on how people help us. UNICEF ARTICLE 3

Children listened to the story of 'To heal a broken wing' by Bob Graham. We discussed how the boy helped the wounded bird. Then we discussed  about people in our world who help us.



As part of the Engage process in our Cornerstones Topic the children went back in time (1860's) and experienced what it was like to be a child in a Victorian classroom. They wrote using Victorian handwriting style,  learnt about how the day would have been structured during that era and answered Victorian style arithmetic calculations.