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Spring 1

Thursday 15th February 2018

Collective Worship.

Artice 13: You have the right to share what you think with others.

For Collective Worship this week Year 2 have been thinking carefully about what it means to make a good choice.  The children talked about all the different choices that they may have to make during the day and also listened to some different dilemmas.  Afterwards they discussed which choices they thought were the best ones to make. 

Charity Day

On Monday 12th February 2018 Year 2 held their charity day in support of the R.N.L.I  We decided to link the day with our Express stage of our Land Ahoy Cornerstones topic and held a pirate day.  The children came to school dressed in their fantastic pirate outfits (many home-made) and they took part in different pirate activities.  Parents were invited to watch performances from all four classes and the children were extremely proud to show all the pirate dances, poems and songs that they had learnt this half term.  The highlight of the day was a special visit from Mr. Hindle who is a volunteer from the R.N.L.I.  charity.  He taught the children all about water safety and the very important work that the charity does.  We have managed to raise just over £100.00 for this very worthy cause.


Monday 29th January.

Floating and Sinking.

The children carried out an investigation to see which shapes are better to float.  They molded plasticine into different shapes and dropped them into a bowl of water.  

Collective Worship 


The children thought about all the different things we make excuses for.  They then discussed what it would be like if these things were not done.



P.S.H.E. Wednesday 24th January 2018

In Year 2 the children have been learning how they can share the world with others.  They listened to a story called 'The Slodge'.  They were keen to act out and share their ideas. #nooutsiders #pshe