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Spring 2

Year One's topic for this half term is Enchanted Woodlands. 

Please check out the curriculum letter to see what we will be learning in our topic of Enchanted Woodlands.

Here are some ideas of activities you can do at home to support your child. 

Year One children went on a walk to Ward End Park as part of their engage for our topic on Enchanted Woodlands.  We looked at and identified deciduous  and evergreen trees.  We tried to name some of the trees by matching them to the leaves and named various plants such as dandelions, blue bells,  and buttercups.  We also did some tree rubbings and collected twigs, leaves and  pinecones for our Boggart work.  The children enjoyed their visit and had lots of fun.

Year One children used clay and the objects that they had collected from their woodland walk to design and make a Boggart.  It was great fun.