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Life Education Caravan


During our visit to the Life Education Caravan, we learnt about making the right choices related to our bodies and mind. At the beginning we discussed the different needs we have such as physical and emotional and how they are linked. We learnt that by neglecting our bodies and abusing them with substances such as alcohol and drugs, can severely affect and harm our body. We also watched a short video on the importance of friendship and what it means to be a good friend. We learnt that a good friend sometimes needs to do the things that makes their friends happy.


In 4T, our clarinet lessons are going wonderfully and even Miss Tann can play without sounding like a dolphin now! We can play a few different notes and are beginning to learn to play some songs such as Hot Cross Buns and Cowboy's Swing.

We can talk about the different notes and discuss pitch, although some of us do still have a problem with hamster cheeks!


World Book Day 

World Book Day at Leigh Primary School was on Thursday 5th March. The day started off with a whole school assembly that was delivered by a famous author who had attended our school Cat Weatherill. We played some fun word games and everyone also displayed their fantastic costumes of their favourite book characters. Back in the class carried out different activities such as creating book covers and blurbs as part of a whole school competition. We also wrote fact files on Cat Weatherill, learning about what inspired her to become a writer and a performer. It was a great day where everyone had fun! 

Comic Relief 

This year we celebrated and raised money for Red Nose Day. In order to 'Do Something Funny for Money' we had a topsey turvey day and wore our clothes upside down, backwards and inside out. We all looked very strange!!