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Spring Term

Chinese New Year!


For Chinese new year (2014 is the year of the horse!) 5A children had an afternoon dedicated to activities relating to China. These included learning facts about China and its traditions, learning the langauge with simple greetings, as well as entering a competition to see who could design the best decorative animal in the Chinese calender!

Life Education Caravan


During our visit to the Life Education Caravan, we learnt about making the right choices related to our bodies and mind. At the beginning we discussed the different needs we have such as physical and emotional and how they are linked. We learnt that by neglecting our bodies and abusing them with substances such as alcohol and drugs, can severely affect and harm our body. After that we watched a short presentation on the functions that different organs play in our bodies and how they are affected by smoking and drinking alcohol. We then played a short activity where we had items in a bag which we randomly picked out and discussed how they are linked to alcohol and smoking.

Warwickshire Cricket Club Coaching sessions.


During this spring term, 5A have been receiving cricket coaching from a trained coach. We have been learning about the basics of the game, from catching and fielding to batting and bowling. It is also a change for us to gain exercise and improve our skills.



World Book Day 2014!


In preparation for World Book Day, we had famous author Ian Billings visit our school. He delivered an assembly to all the school, sharing some of his fantastic stories and poems. It was a fantastic assembly, with lots of humour included. During his visit Ian Billings also carried out some workshops with year 5 about the importance of creative writing and imaginitive settings for our stories.

World Book Day at Leigh Primary School was on Thursday 6th March 2014. We had a fantastic time across the whole school with everyone making an effort to dress up as their favourite book character! The day began with an assembly about the importance of reading as well as some teachers sharing their favourite books. There were a number of competitions throughout the day. We designed our own bookmarks, with the winner being chosen to sell their bookmark during the spring fair. In the afternoon we created our own short stories and sharing our ideas with the rest of the class. Everyone had an amazing day!

Sports Relief March 2014


Sports relief provided children at Leigh Primary School a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness and money for those who require our support all over the world. To help raise funds, we made donations in exchange for dressing in sporty clothing. Throughout the day, there were different activities organised to make the day enjoyable and fun. The day began with an assembly where children performed different sporting activities. Even the teachers got involved! We then an inter-class rowing competition to see which class could row the greatest distance. As well as this we carried out a 10 minute jog in our playground, it was clear some children (and teachers) were more fitter than others! In the afternoon we designed our own sports relief bracelets and swapped them with a friend.

D&T - Bread Making


Our D&T topic for Spring 2 was about bread. To begin the topic, we carried out research on the different types of bread and where they originate from. We then decided to look at the nutritional values of the different types of bread and gathered further research on those that were our favourite. The practical aspect of the topic involved making the bread therefore we needed to decide on the ingredients we needed to make the bread as well as think of special ingredients we would like to add such as chocolate chip, raisins and also cheese. We had a fantastic time making our bread even though our classroom (as well as hands and clothes) got very messy! Once we made the dough,  left it to bake in the oven, we were able to taste our breads and evaluate them (please refer to our D&T books!) It was a thoroughly enjoyable way to end the term!