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Monday 16th April 2018

Maths- Fractions

Today we have been learning to count up and down in tenths


Monday 16th April 2018

Cornerstones- Engage

Today we created Anglo-Saxon long ship boats and shields. We discussed the materials that were used and their importance in helping them to invade Britain.



Tuesday 17th April 2018

RE- Being open, honest and truthful

Today we explored how injustice can arise when lies are told through different scenarios. 



Monday 23rd April 2018

PSHE- St. George’s Day

Today we learnt who Saint George was and his importance to people across the world. 



Tuesday 24th April 2018

English-Hot seating

In English today, the children worked in mixed ability groups and engaged in a hot-seating activity. They were shown a video clip from ‘The Literacy Shed’ of the ‘Dragon Slayer’ and generated questions based around Tarragon; the main character. After this, they acted in role as the main character and questioned one another, focusing on the character’s emotions and feelings.




Wednesday 25th April 2018

Computing-To understand the importance of e-mail and online safety

Today we discussed how we can stay safe online when using e-mails. We discussed the importance of not sharing our passwords with anyone.
We watched a video about how to write an email and used a keyboard to find the @ sign.



Wednesday 25th April 2018

International Dance Day

For this special day children learnt to perform a street dance. Here they are in action having lots of fun!




Thursday 26th April 2018

Cornerstones- Develop

Children extremley enjoyed becoming arhcealogists to find out more about Anglo-Saxons. We looked at aretfacts and analiysed them carefully to find out what they tell us about Anglo-Saxons.








Monday 1st May 2018


Children had an amazing time learning all about the lifestyle of Anglo-Saxons. We focused on what jobs they did, their houses, village life, what food the ate and how they settled in Britain.




Wednesday 2nd May 2018

Computing- access an email account and send an email

Children sent an email to their teacher asking a question based on our current topic.



Thursday 3rd May 2018

Science- Investigation to find out why magnets attract and repel


Today the children carried out an investigation to find out why magnets attract and repel. We placed magnets with different and same poles together. We discovered that when the same poles face each other they repel and opposite poles attract.




Tuesday 8th May 2018

Cornerstones- Develop- Creating a viking inspired print blcok




Wednesday 9th May 2018


Today we have learnt how to reply back to emails




Monday 14th May 2018 and Tuesday 15th May 2018


As part of our Innovate stage of our topic children made 3D models of items to sell in Trade Fair. They choose to be an Anglo-Saxon or a Viking and gave themselves a name. We created invitation cards to invite people to buy our items.

Here are some of the items made by us: shields, long-ship boats, jewellery, and broaches.