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Summer 1

No Outsiders

UNICEF Articles 2, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 27, 30, 37


Today we have looked at Franz Mark's paintings. We have read a story called 'The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse' and had great discussions about why he was famous and why he chose to paint a blue horse. We listed all the things we do in our school to celebrate diversity and difference and how we have freedom of expression. We explored the impact this has on every pupil in our school. 


Collective Worship

The children have learnt about the Holi festival which is a  Hindu festival that marks the arrival of spring. It is widely known as the Festival of Colour, it takes place over two days, and is a celebration of colour and many other things. The children have listened carefully to a story about how it all began. They then got the coloured pencil and felt tips out and celebrated the festival of colour on paper. 


PSHE- The children discussed how they felt coming back to school. #Article 12 and 13

Collective Worship


Year 5 have been discussing about taste in Collective Worship. They listened to a story about an old man who cooked for a village. He made a delicious soup for everyone and he put a stone in the soup. 

The children then wrote or drew about their favourite food/drink and explained to each other why they liked that taste. 

Week 1 

Cornerstones : Allotments

As part of our memorable experience for our new topic Year 5 went on a visit to the local Allotments. At the site the children were given a brief talk about the allotments by one of the gardener/caretaker. Then the children had the opportunity to explore the plots, sketch diagrams and do some digging and planting.