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Summer 2

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Tuesday 5th June 2018


We took zoomed in photographs of bricks, tiles, wood barks, drains and windows. We used these to create our sketches using lighter and darker shades.



Tuesday 5th June 2018

Maths-horizontal and vertical lines

Children created horizontal and vertical line drawings inspired by the artist Mondrian.





Wednesday 6th June 2018


Today the children practised identifying and using the correct fingers for the home, top and bottom row keys on a keyboard. 



Monday 11th June 2018

Science Investigation

Today the children investigated which fruit will provide us with the most water to keep us hydrated.






Monday 11th June 2018

Maths-My Money week

Children have been enjoying role-playing different scenarios linked to solving problems about money. We focused on working out the correct change.




Wednesday 13th June 2018



What a fantastic day! Children learnt about great graffiti artists David Walker, Banksy and Delta. These artists are famous for creating graffiti in different styles with a message.

 We focussed on developing these key skills:

  • Have control and effective use of materials.
  • To develop use of line, texture and patterns.

  We learnt about the artist’s background and his style of art. We created sketches to support us with creating our end art piece.






Thursday 14th June 2018

RE-Visit to the Gurdwara 

Children enjoyed their visit to the Gurdwara to learn about Sikhism and their beliefs. 





Monday 18th June 2018
Maths – Angles and turns

Children used the beebots to give instructions. We used our mathematical language to describe angles and turns.




Tuesday 19th June 2018
Cornerstones – Urban Pioneers

Children created and presented information about the famous landmarks in Birmingham.





Thursday 21st June 2018

RE- Sikhism

Year 3 have been learning the importance of the 5K’s in Sikhism. 

Monday 25th June

Collective worship

As part of our collective worship this week, KS2 learnt what it means to be courageous through an inspiring story from the Bible.



Wednesday 27th June 2018

Life Education Caravan- Staying healthy

Year 3 loved every moment in the Life Education tent! They learnt all about the body and shared some great ideas regarding being healthy helping Harold was the highlight of the session!


Wednesday 27th June 2018

PSHE- Rules and Laws

Year 3 learnt the importance of Rules and Laws and they discussed the importance of following the school rules.


Monday 2nd July 2018


Year 3 have been learning to say the months of the years and classroom objects in French.