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Year 1

Year 1 Explore Plants.

Year 1 have been looking at plants during Science. The children have been looking at the different features of a plant (roots, stem, leaves and petals) as well as what a plant needs in order for it to grow. The children took part in a variety of different activities: painting, drawing and cutting out the different parts of a plant and putting it in order. Great fun was had by all! 

Year 1 The Enchanted Woodland

Our new theme for this term is 'The Enchanted Woodland'. As a year group the children have really embraced this topic. Using our imagination when we are either writing or sharing idea's within our groups. We started our topic by visiting the local park, talking about what we could see, hear, touch and smell. The children really enjoyed their day out! We have produced some great art work, such as our own enchanted forest, boggart (using clay and objects we gathered from our trip) and flower paintings.  #cornerstones The Enchanted Woodlands.  

Year 1 follow instruction during English.

During English we have been looking at instructions. We started off choosing what instructions we were going to follow(we chose bread). First we gathered all the ingredients together and mixed them together. Then we had to let them stand for a little while so the mixture could rise. Next the mixture was put onto baking trays and placed in the oven. When it was cooked it was left to cool. After awhile the bread was cut into slices and spread with butter. Finally we ate the delicious bread. We really enjoyed this lesson!

World Book Day Comes To Leigh Primary

In Year 1 the children came to school dressed as their favourite book character, even the staff joined in. The day started off with a school assembly, we all enjoyed that! Then the  children took part in shared reading and talking about the books they like. Finally the teacher read a story to us all. 

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth visits Year 1

In Year 1 our topic for this term is London. A special guest was coming to visit us all, as we had been invited to a tea party. It was only Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth! So we decided that we were going to have our tea party in the hall at school. Wow! she was amazing she shook our hands and answered all of our questions. What a great time was had by all! 

Road Safety in Year 1

Today the school nurse paid us a visit in Year 1. We talked about Road Safety and how to keep safe,  when we are by the road and whilst we cross it. The children shared their idea's on how to be safe. We watched a film on how to cross the road as well as learning  a song on road safety.

A trip to the theatre with Year 1

What a great time Year 1 had when they returned to school after the Christmas holidays, a school trip yippee! The first day back and the children were off to the theatre to watch 'What the Ladybird heard'. The children were fantastic they joined in with the singing and shouting,  where the Ladybird was hiding. They even enjoyed travelling to and from the theatre on the coach. 

Christmas fun in Year 1 

In Year 1 we have been getting ready for the Christmas holidays. We have taken part in a variety of different activities such as Christmas dinner, making cards, party games and Winter Wonderland was fantastic! We even had a special visitor (Santa). 


Year 1 Raise money for Children in Need

Today the children have celebrated Children in Need. The day started  off with our very own,  The (not so) Great Leigh Bake Off! With our very own Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood played brilliantly by two Year 6 students. With stiff competition from Miss Edwards and Mr Shelley our very own Mrs Patel won the competition.

 We then had some fantastic activities that we could complete, such as colouring by numbers, face painting, decorating biscuits and colouring pictures of Pudsey. A great day was had by all. 


Year 1 Following instructions in English

Year 1 have been looking at instructions in English this week. They learned that when writing instructions they needed to use imperative verbs (bossy words). We then discussed the importance of instructions and how they are used. Once they achieved their learning objective on how to make a puppet, they then had to follow the instructions to make their own puppet.  

Friendship Day

Today in year 1 we celebrated Friendship Day.

Our day started with a special assembly on friendship and the importance of having friends.

We had lots of fun doing various activities such as: making friendship flowers, wool friendship bands, paper bracelets and at the end of the day we gave our friends a friendship bracelet.


The children enjoyed their first gymnastic lesson today. They practised different types of rolls.


In PSHE Year 1 have been talking about feelings. Can you guess which feelings the children are showing by their facial expressions?


As part of their topic on animals, Year 1 have enjoyed learning about the artist Henri Rousseau. They looked at one of his paintings called Surprise and created a collage picture in the same style.


Year 1 collect food for the Birmingham Mission.

Year 1 are amazing when it comes to collecting food for the Birmingham Mission. They all managed to bring in some food for people who are in need of help. 


How do Year 1 celebrate Eid?

In Year 1 we had a great time celebrating Eid. We dressed up  in our best clothes and ate some fantastic food. In the afternoon it was PARTY time! There was lots of dancing and games such as 'Musical Bumps' and 'Musical Statues.'  Fun was had by all!! 


Flying guests visit Year 1. 

Year 1 had a fantastic time in school when the owl man came to visit! He bought two special  guests with him, a Barn owl and an Eagle owl. We were given lots of interesting facts about owls. We learnt that owls who have dark eyes hunt at night, and those who have yellow eyes hunt during the day. We also learnt an amazing fact!! Did you know that owls cannot turn their head all the way around? The head can only turn 3/4 of the way round. Year 1 loves owls.

Safety Day

Today was Safety Day at Leigh School. Year 1 were very excited to see the fire fighters from Aston Fire Station. They came in to talk to KS1 about fire safety. 

Twycross Zoo
Year 1 are learning all about animals in their topic this term. We had a fun visit to Twycross Zoo to learn about animal senses , diets and habitats. We saw lots of different animals. Some of them were very funny and made us laugh!