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Year 2

Summer 2


Muck Mess and Mixtures

Our topic for this half term is Muck, Mess and Mixtures.  The children will get to experience and explore lots of exciting things.  We will be learning about the artist Carl Warner who created landscapes with food and the children will get to make their own pictures with food.   They will also be inventing potions and carrying out lots of different experiments.



The children had a whale of a time in the 'Mud Kitchen' in Forest school.

Having fun with 'Muck, Mess and Mixtures


As part of the Muck, Mess and Mixtures topic the children enjoyed experimenting what happens to certain materials when the mix with water.  They also had great fun following a recipe to make their very own play dough.

Having fun making play dough

Nurse Visit

Year 2 have been learning how to stay clean and safe.  They had a visit from nurse Joanne and learnt about the 'pants' rule.


Trip to the Museum

Year 2, went on an exciting trip to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Throughout the day, the children got to see lots of interesting exhibitions and they also took part in an art activity.  We all had to travel on public transport and walk through Birmingham City Centre to get to the museum. The teachers were very proud of the children because their behaviour was impeccable during the day.


Sports Day

Year 2 showed great sportsman ship whilst competing against each other for sports day.  The two classes were split into different teams to compete against each other.  There were a variety of different races including sprinting, sack race, welly wanging and the very popular egg and spoon.  There was even a parent and teacher race too.  Congratulations to the 'Blue' team who were the overall winning team.

Summer 1


Street Detective

Our topic for this term is 'Street Detective.'  We are going to be detectives and learn all about the area of Washwood Heath.  

The children and staff went out for a walk to explore the local area. What fantastic different landmarks we spotted!


A visit from Mr. Bear.

The children have been reading 'The Paper Caper' by Oliver Jeffers.  They were eager to interrogate the culprit Mr. Bear as to why he had been chopping all the branches from the trees in the forest.

Unicef Day for Change

All classes have been collecting small change for Unicef.  The class that raises the most will win a 'fun' afternoon.  In Year 2 there has been a heated battle to try and win!  

Watch this space for the final amounts raised.

Children came to school dressed in blue for £1.00 to help raise extra funds.  Lessons taught during the day encouraged the children to become a 'Global Citizen' and in Year 2 the children designed a superhero that would be able to eliminate global issues.

Diversity Day

On Diversity Day Year 2 had to complete their reading SATs paper during the morning.  As soon as it was over, the children eagerly changed into their brightly coloured clothes to take part in the activities.  

My Culture Week

Across the school the children have been learning about lots of different countries and cultures.  Brazil has been the focus for Year 2 and the children have found out lots of interesting facts.  They have also enjoyed making carnival masks and learning a Samba dance.


The children have been learning about the artist L.S. Lowry.  They created their own pictures in the same style of Lowry whilst singing along to 'Matchstick Men'.


Spring 2

The Scented Garden

Our topic for this half term is 'The Scented Garden.'  The children have been learning about lots of different plants and how they grow.  


We are going to create our own herb garden.  The children were extremely excited about planting the seeds.

Investigating plants.

This week the children have been learning about the parts of a plant and their uses.  They took great delight in examining different plants and using magnifying glasses to carefully study each part of the plant.

World Book Day

The children came to school dressed up as their favourite book character.  They enjoyed listening and reading different stories.  They were keen to write book reviews and describe their chosen character.

School Book Fair

The children were very excited to visit the book fair.  They browsed through the fantastic books for sale and were keen to make purchases.  Thank you to all the parents that supported this event, the children were delighted and eager to read their new books.

Stranger Danger

The children are learning all about 'Stranger Danger' with Nurse Joanne.  To help the children remember what to do if a stranger approached them they learnt a special dance called Run, Run, Run, Yell and Tell.


Red Nose Day

Year 2 had a fantastic time on Red Nose Day.  They came to school dressed in red, some children even painted their nose red.   During the day they took part in various activities including 'Red Nose Maths', designing and making their own 'red nose' and most importantly learning about the charity Comic Relief and how it helps people all around the world.



Mother's Day

To show how much Mothers are appreciated the children created fantastic Mother's Day cards.  Do you like our design which was linked to our project the 'Scented Garden?'

Writing Instructions

The children listened to instructions to make their own delicious cheese sandwiches.  Afterwards they wrote their own set of instructions so other could try the recipe.


Spring 1


Land Ahoy!

The children returned from their Christmas break keen and ready to learn.  When they arrived in their classrooms they noticed a bottle with a message inside, apparently it had been washed up on the lake at Ward End Park.  The message was from a pirate called Pete who claimed treasure had been hidden in Leigh Primary school.  The children took great delight in reading all the messages to locate the treasure.


Drama and Role-play.

The children acted out the story of 'The Pirates Next Door.'


Express Stage

As part of the 'express stage' of our topic 'Land Ahoy' we invited parents so the children could share all the exciting things they had learnt throughout the half term.

100% Attendance

Congratulations to all the children in Year 2 who came to school every day in the Autumn Term.

Maths Day

In Year 2 the children learnt about positional language.  They worked in pairs to give and follow directions.  During the afternoon they sent their teachers to 'Treasure Island'!  Do you think their directions will lead them to the treasure?


In Science the children have been investigating different materials.

Floating and Sinking

The children used plasticine which they moulded into different shapes.  They carried out an experiment to see which shape floated for the longest.

RNLI Visit

On Wednesday 25th January 2017 Year 2 had a visit from a gentleman called Ian Hindle who is a volunteer for the RNLI.  During the visit the children learnt about the charity and the important rescue work that it carries out.  They also learnt how to stay safe in and out of water.  All the children were so inspired by the visit that felt they wanted to raise money for the charity.  Watch this space for details about our fantastic fund raising event.

Charity Day

On Tuesday 31st January 2017 Year 2 held their 'Charity Day' in support of the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (R.N.L.I).  We decided to hold a 'Crazy Craft Day' to help raise funds.  The children participated in a range of different crafts and produced items to sell.  To add to the 'crazy' atmosphere children and staff were encourage to come to school wearing funny hats/socks or even hair styles.  We had a wonderful day and have raised nearly £200.00

Life Education Caravan

Year 2 had a fantastic time in the Life Education Caravan.  They learnt about the functions of various organs in the body and discussed many different types of emotions.  Most of all they enjoyed having a cuddle from 'Harold the Giraffe.'


In P.E. the children have been learning a pirate dance.

Autumn 2

The children returned from their half term break fresh and ready to learn.


The topic for this half term is 'Animal Mayhem' and the children are looking forward to an exciting and interesting time learning about the different types of animals.


Identify features of non-fiction texts.


In maths this week we have been learning how to multiply.

Now we are learning to divide by sharing.
Telling the time.



In Year 2 the children have been sorting animals into Venn Diagrams, they worked in groups to discuss and sort the animals.


Food Chains

Friendship Day

The children had a fantastic day learning about how they can be a good friend.


Children in Need

All the children came to school dressed in spotty clothes.  In Key Stage 1 the children decorated biscuits and cakes to sell to help raise money for the charity.


Parent Workshop

The focus of the workshop was reading, the parents were given ideas about how to encourage and support their children with reading at home.


Christmas 2016

Year 2 enjoyed their visit to Santa's grotto.  The children waited eagerly outside and sang Christmas songs until it was their turn to see Santa.  Thankfully they had all been good and were able to receive a lovely present.


Making Christmas Cards


2F having fun making their Christmas cards.

Christmas Meal and Party.

The children enjoyed their delicious Christmas lunch and afterwards they were ready to party party party...

Autumn Term 1

The children have had a fantastic start in Year 2. They have been very busy and working extremely hard.  Take a look at some of the exciting things we have been doing.


The children's topic this term is 'The Great Fire of London'.  

On their first day the children carried out a team building exercise to experience how difficult it was for the people back in 1666 to put out a fire.


We have been making repeated patterns and number sequences.

Lots of different repeated patterns and number sequences created by Year 2.


We are reporters.

The children interviewed Samuel Pepys to help them write their newspaper report.


The children had lots of questions to ask Mr. Pepys.

Design and Technology

As part of our topic on The Great Fire of London the children designed and constructed their very own Tudor Houses.  Do you think that the houses will survive a fire?

To end our Topic on The Great Fire of London the children had a real treat.  They went to Forest School and Mrs Bull actually burnt the houses. There was great excitement as the children witnessed the speed that the fire spread just like it did back in 1666.




Year 2 have enjoyed their P.E. lessons



Eid was celebrated in the usual style starting with a delicious lunch followed by a party with exciting games and lots and lots of dancing.



Safety Day

On Wednesday 21st September we had a special day and learnt about all the different ways we can stay safe. In the morning we had a fantastic assembly hosted by Mrs Bella, she explained all rules needed for e-safety.  Later we learnt about road safety and we created some super posters.  The highlight of the day was a visit from the Fire Service, some lucky children got to dress up as Firefighters.