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Year 5

Welcome to the year 5 class page
Hello parents and children! Welcome to the year five class page! Over the year we will be adding all sorts of photos and information about what is happening in class, so make sure you check back regularly! We've had a very exciting first month of school, and we look forward to continuing on and seeing all the great progress we make, and achieving our goals. Three cheers for Year 5!

Hand-washing with the school nurse.


The school nurse came to visit year 5 and gave them some information on hand-washing, and how to keep our hands squeaky clean!

Year 5 learnt a lot about germs and how they can impact your health. Let's keep our hands clean! frownno

Creating picture frame books.

Some of the year 5 children really enjoyed designing and creating 'picture frame books'. Year 5 started by cutting a template to make the book, and then wrote their own story. The frame at the front of the book had a special flap, to open and close. Everyone really enjoyed this activity. Well done year 5! sadfrown

Painting our own picture frames.

Year 5 really loved designing and painting their own 3D picture frames. Everyone came up with their own scenic designs, and also decided how to present their frames. The frames were absolutely lovely and everyone extremely enjoyed this activity!

Preparing for the Harvest Assembly.


Both the year 5 classes have been really busy in preparing for the Harvest Assembly on, Friday 14th October 2016. They have both decorated some lovely boxes for the donated food to go in. Well done to both classes for working extremely hard in collecting food for Harvest! We look forward to presenting our wonderful boxes and donations on Friday! See you there! smileysmiley


Black History Day-  Martin Luther King Jr

Monday 17th October was Black History Day at Leigh Primary School. The school looked at famous black people, who have made a big difference in our lives. Year 5's focus was on Martin Luther King Jr and his very famous speech: "I had a dream". We enjoyed learning about this famous person. Year 5 re-wrote Marin Luther King's speech in our very own way! We also made a portrait of the very famous man. Year 5 had a lot of fun today! smiley

Year Five Oaker Wood Trip


Year five had an amazing time at Oaker Wood! Between climbing, zip wiring, singing songs around the campfire, and making delicious pizza, it's unbelievable that we were only there for three days! It was three days jam packed with activities, and we definitely made the most of our time! New friendships were made, great times were had, and we left with memories that will stay with us forever.



As part of our 'Water' topic, year 5 have been looking at Tsunamis. We have discussed what would happen to victims of a tsunami and how we can help them. One main thing that came up was 'shelters'. What would happen to victims of a tsunami? Where will they live? We worked on designing shelters for victims of a natural disaster and looked at which materials were the most effective.  We all had a go at building shelters from recycled materials. Take a look at our work in progress and finally our shelters! 

No Outsider's Day.


As part of this special day, year 5 looked at life in the past and how this is different compared to now. We had a special visit from Mrs Stamp who spoke all about the past, and how life was different when she was a child.

Feeling Festive!

Year 5 have been feeling extremely festive and have enjoyed decorating the class Christmas tree! They have also made some beautiful silhouette calendars that have a shading effect! Ho Ho Ho ....... Merry Christmas! indecision

Victorian/Maths Day


Year 5 dressed up as Victorian children attending a Victorian classroom. The boys and girls were separated, both by seating and activities. The girls' activities were based around housework and cooking; they baked a yummy Victorian sponge cake! cheeky However the boys carried out construction work. We used different types of scales to weigh many Victorian items in our Maths! The best dressed boy and girl in 5S were 'Ali Al-Shameri' and 'Malaika Kauser'. The best dressed boy and girl in 5RS were 'Umar Usman' and 'Aliza Hussain'. We had a lot of fun today!

Science Day

Today year 5 had an amazing Science Day. We looked at separating materials from an 'Alien Soup' mixture. The classes used different items to think of the secret ingredients inside this magical soup! We also carried out the coke and mentos CHALLENGE! Year 5 found out that the cause of this effect is because of CO2! 

Internet Safety Day

Year 5 learnt a lot about internet safety, and how to keep safe online. We watched a video about how we could keep safe . We also made some great posters on being safe online. 

Blists Hill School trip

Year 5 had a great experience acting out as Victorian school children at Blists Hill. 

They really got into character hence you can see how serious they look as Victorian school children didn't really smile. 

Some pictures showing what we got up to. 


Year 5 enjoying world book day smiley

Year 5 came to school dressed up as their favorite book characters, they looked amazing! Year 5 made some lovely book marks. The author that we focused on was Michael Morpurgo.