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Year 6

Welcome to year 6.


This year we have four classes:

6P - Mr Potter

6H - Mr Hussain

6F - Miss Fiellateau

6B - Mrs Bibi

The teaching assistants in year 6 are:

Mrs Bi and Mrs Kausar

Now meet the lovelies.....



Eid Party!! 

Safety Day (20/09/16)


In year 6 we learnt all about fire safety, road safety and e-safety.

Weston Park


Year 6 visited Weston park on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th September, the children had lots of fun learning all about WWII.

Science-How light travels

In this lesson children demonstrated that light travels in a straight line. They worked in groups and used a model to explain how light travels to our eyes and helps us to see things. The main focus of the groups was to use accurate Scientific vocabulary for explanation.

Music - Livin on a prayer

Autumn term - Children's performance

6P class assembly - Honesty (07-10-16)
Science -Making a Periscope
A trip to Ward End Library

Art work

Dominoes investigation

It has nothing to do with Pizza!

To investigate the different possible dominoes you can have for each number of dots.

08-11-2016 Friendship day

Today we used rhyming couplets to write poems. We enjoyed using poetry as a medium to express our thoughts and feelings.

The Blitz

In year 6, we are learning about Britain and world war 2. Today we worked in groups we collected information about the blitz and then presented our research to our class.

The Blitz was Nazi Germany's sustained aerial bombing campaign against Britain in World War Two. The raids killed 43,000 civilians and lasted for eight months.


6B's Class assembly 

Remembrance day

Children in need day

Year 6 charity 'Scope'

Yr 6 - Art activity

Children made calendars for 2017.

Year 6 - Christmas Meal 2016

No Outsiders book

Life Education Caravan

Designing and building Igloos

Heart dissection

World Book Day

British Heart Foundation

Ideas for fundraising

Science investigation

Planning a science investigation to measure the heart rate.