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Year 5


Staff in Year 5     5T - Mr Tierny and Mrs Hegarty

                             5K  - Mrs Khan and Miss Gilligan

                             5M- Miss Mohamed and Mrs Akhtar


Cornerstones Topic - Pharaohs

Year 5 have enjoyed their topic this term learning about Ancient Egyptians and Pharaohs. They have been involved in many creative activities learnt many interesting facts.

Maths Day - Children enjoyed making their own Maths puzzles and problem solving.

Year 5 Charity Day

To raise money for our Year 5 Charity, MacMillans  Cancer Support, the children took part in a sponsored run. Along with  the money raised from the staff cake morning (approximately £200) the children raised an amazing amount and reached the final total of £834.10.  

YEAR 5 CHARITY DAY- MacMillan Cancer Support

5K Harvest Festival Assembly- plenty of acting dancing and singing to convey the noble message of sharing and caring for others who are less fortunate then ourselves.

Year 5 Hand washing workshop with the School Nurse

How clean are your hands? We recapped on the importance of ensuring that we wash our hands thoroughly during the day to get rid of the nasty germs.  

Autumn 2 Cornerstones Topic- Time Travellers

During this term we learnt many interesting facts and carried out many fantastic activities about changes as we grow and develop.

In English we  read 'Tom's Midnight Garden' - we wrote letters in the role of Tom to his brother Peter and book review on our Blog in our Computing lesson. here are just a few of the things we did over the term linked to our topic.


Children asked Mrs Glover questions about how things have changed in her lifetime.

As part of the innovate stage we invited our parents to make our 'Time machines' with us. 

Inspire workshop with parents. This year the focus was Maths, the parents watched Mr Tierny teach a Maths lesson which included anchor task, the CPA (concrete, pictorial and abstract) elements.

Road Safety

On 13th November an Arctic truck (DHL) came to school and we learnt how to stay safe around large vehicles such as lorries, trucks and buses. The truck drivers explained what blind spot is for drivers, and how dangerous it can be.

French Greetings 

The children had lots of fun learning about France and its language. They have also learnt a few phrases and words to help them greet each other in French. 


Shakespeare Story Project 

Year 5 have had the great opportunity to be involved the Shakespeare Story Project, that is funded by DFE and Arts Council.  30 children were selected by their class teachers to be trained as guides at three different sites; Shakespeare's Birth Place, New Place and Halls Croft. On 29th November 2017, The Familiarisation Day,the 30 selected children went to Stratford Upon Avon and had a tour around the three sites. It was an amazing day packed with many exciting activities which included visiting the three different sites, acting along with the actors, going down into the VAULT and seeing some of the most amazing original resources, quill writing and wax seal. These children have a script to practise and they will return on 14th February 2018 (Immersive Day) with the rest of the children in the Year group and will act as real guides at their allocated sites. 

Keeping healthy workshop with Joanne, our school nurse.

Christmas celebrations

Some of the activities we did during this festive period;

  • winter wonderland
  • card & calendar making
  • Christmas meal & party games