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Year 2

Spring 1

Land Ahoy

The children in Year 2 returned after the holidays to find a bottle in their classrooms.  Inside was a message from Captain Treasure-Chest and he needed the children to help him find his missing treasure.  With excitement the children scoured the school for clues to help them locate the treasure.

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R.E. 9th January 2018

Children played a team game to learn the importance of taking part.

Pirate Time

The children have been practising poems and learning a pirate dance.

They have also learnt a pirate poem in guided reading.

Friendship Day Thursday 11th January 2018

On friendship day the children thought about the qualities that are needed to make a good friend.  

Circle time activities in Year 2 on friendship day.

P.E. Thursday 18th January 2018


Year 2 are practising their dance moves ready for the great pirate dance off.


P.E Tuesday 22nd January 2018


This week in P.E. we have been focusing on pirate actions. We think 2B make fantastic pirates.


2B practising their pirate dance

Still image for this video

P.S.H.E Thursday 18th January 2018

 The children listened to a story called 'The Treasure House.'  Afterwards they thought about the story and wrote down how they would treat others is they became rich.


Autumn 2


Wriggle and Crawl

This half term Year 2's Cornerstones topic is 'Wriggle and Crawl'. 

The children will be learning about lots of different mini beasts and how they live.

For the engage stage of the topic the children went on a 'bug hunt'.  They took great delight in scouring the Forest School looking for different mini beasts.


Here are some home learning ideas to help you with the 'Wriggle and Crawl' topic this half term.


The children created their own versions of the life cycle of a honey bee.  Afterwards they recorded their presentation on the ipads.


After learning about the life cycle of a honey bee the children went into Forest School and with the help of Mrs Bull they made honey and lemon drinks using a 'kelly kettle' over the fire. Afterwards the children enjoyed sipping the super sweet drink.

Children in Need

All the children came to school dressed in their spottiest clothes, some of the children had even created their own spotty outfit themselves at home.  The day started with a spectacular assembly by 2B.  Afterwards Year 2 had a danceathon in the hall and the children were keen to show off their fantastic dance moves.  A lovely day was had by all.

Year 2 Danceathon

Christmas 2017

Winter Wonderland

Some children visited Forest School which had been transformed into a beautiful Winter Wonderland.  Toasted marshmallows, decorating Christmas trees and fun in the snow, what a wonderful experience it was!



Christmas dinner and parties

The children enjoyed a scrumptious Christmas dinner in a lovely decorated dinner hall. They took great delight in pulling crackers with their friends and were eager to share the jokes inside.  After lunch it was time to party.  Musical statues, pass the teddy and a a snowman competition, a fantastic time was had by all.


Autumn 1

Trip to Tamworth Castle


On Tuesday 12th September Year 2 visited Tamworth Castle as part of the 'engage' stage of their Cornerstones topic on Tower, Tunnels and Turrets.  The children had a fantastic day exploring the castle and learning about what it was like to live in a castle.  They were able to help the maid dress the table ready for the Lord of the Castle to have his lunch and help put a suit of armour on a knight.  It was a super experience for the children.

Eid Meal

Year 2 are enjoying their delicious Eid meal.


Hand Washing.

Year 2 have been learning how to wash their hands the correct way with Nurse Joanne.

Math's Day.

On math's day we enjoyed learning about 3D shapes.  We made our very own 3D shapes from nets.